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There’s money in them there solar rooftops

So long as the sun comes up each morning, this system will keep producing power at the same price, whereas most industry forecasters anticipate that retail electricity prices will rise at double-digit rates.

Solar progress means there’s money to be had on high Martin Rushe The Australian * September 09, 2010 WE have them over our heads, we raise them and sometimes we even hit them. But we rarely think of our roofs as assets…. Continue reading

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China races ahead in renewable energy investment

..In the second quarter of 2010, China attracted $11.5 billion in asset-financing for clean technologies, more than Europe and the U.S. combined,

China Supplants U.S. at Top of Ernst & Young Ranking for Renewable Energy,  Bloomberg, By Alex Morales – Sep 9, 2010 China overtook the U.S. to lead a quarterly index of the most attractive countries for renewable energy projects for the first time, according to a list compiled by the global accounting firm Ernst & Young. Continue reading

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Poor economic outlook adds to opposition to Angela Pamela uranium mine

the mine is unlikely to go ahead due to poor economic viability. Yet another reason to ramp up the opposition to this marginal and unpopular mine.
Arid Lands Environment Centre, Jess Abrahams, 9 Sept 10, On the eve of the Federal election in Alice Springs, incumbent local member Warren Snowdon made an announcement that if they were re-elected, Labor would fund a study into the threat to Alice Springs’s groundwater supplies from a uranium mine at Angela Pamela.
The problem with Snowdon’s $100,000 water contamination study, is that it is seriously underfunded, rushed and too narrowly focussed. Continue reading

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Uranium mining’s uncertain future in Australia

Toro Energy fell 4.8 per cent to 10c, Energy Resources of Australia lost 1.7 per cent to $14.26 and Paladin dipped 2.6 per cent to $3.81 “

Mining stocks wobble on uncertainty over minerals tax | The Australian, Andrew Burrell, Andrew Main, Matt Chambers 9 Sept 10, “……Amid uncertainty over the government’s proposed minerals tax, uranium stocks were hardest hit Continue reading

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Australia’s uranium exports down 24%

$44b resource exports ‘second highest on record’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 9 Sept 10, “……./The largest falls were in: thermal coal (for power stations), down 34 per cent to $11.9 billion; metallurgical coal (for steelmaking), down 33 per cent to $24.5 billion; refined petroleum products, down 28 per cent to $564 million; and uranium oxide, down 24 per cent to $751 million.

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India’s Nuclear Liability Bill gives fright to nuclear industry world-wide

The industry in the US too seems to have been taken aback by the Civil Liability for the Nuclear Damages Bill, 2010, the way it was passed by Parliament. The bill in the present form makes suppliers of raw materials and equipment potentially liable for damages till 80 years after the construction of a nuclear plant.

Nuclear liability bill: US looks to ‘changes’; BJP cries foul – The Times of India, NEW DELHI: 8 Sept 10, Even before the collective sigh of relief in the government over safe passage to the nuclear liability bill in Parliament could end, the US on Tuesday queered the pitch yet again by stating that it was already looking at “changes” in the bill. Continue reading

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Australia’s grand opportunity for renewable energy

The Greens, of course, received by far the biggest swing of any party at this election and, at almost 4%, a very sizable swing on any definition. That swing was achieved on the back of having put to the electorate by far the most ambitious plans for renewable energy of any political party ever in Australian history. Our policies included an explicit commitment to 100% renewable energy, a comprehensive feed-in tariff for all forms of renewable energy at all scales, loan guarantees for industrial-scale baseload renewable energy power plants, an increased renewable energy target, pre-planning processes to create renewable energy parks, a national roll-out of the smart grid and much more. That platform now has a key bargaining position in the new parliament, with a Greens member of the House of Representatives supporting the minority Labor government and 9 Senators holding the balance of power upstairs as of July next year……..

The best opportunity for renewables we may ever get, Rooted, September 8, 2010 by Tim Hollo Now that we finally know who is going to govern our country; now that we know who is backing whom and why; now that we’ve breathed a collective sign of relief; now – right now – :…… renewables renewables renewables. Continue reading

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Labor election victory in Australia because of climate change issues?

Labor stance sways independents, The Age, September 8, 2010 TONY Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have nominated climate-change policies as a key part of their decision to back a Labor government.Mr Windsor said it was time Australia ”stood back and revisited” the climate change and renewable energy debate in the wake of the rejection and subsequent shelving of Labor’s emissions trading scheme.Mr Windsor said country Australia could see great advantages from renewable energy and other climate-change policies. Mr Oakeshott also indicated emissions trading was part of his decision.Labor stance sways independents

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Pakistan in danger of becoming world’s first failed nuclear state

the specter of the world’s first failed nuclear state, coupled with the nightmare scenario of younger Islamist officers pushing the three stars aside and taking over in the name of Islam, was no longer idle cocktail chatter.

World’s first failed nuclear state?. “friday-lunch-club”:De Borchgrave:, September 8, 2010 “…Pakistan is reeling under the most devastating national catastrophe since independence 63 years ago. Continue reading

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