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A legal setback, but British nuclear veterans will fight on

“I’m convinced that if we took this to the European Court of Human Rights, we would win our case…..We are fighting for justice – not money.

A-bomb vets vow to continue fight  Shields Gazette, John Taylor witnessed atomic tests in 1957.  23 November 2010 By Terry Kelly DISAPPOINTED nuclear test veterans in South Tyneside are set to fight on for justice – despite suffering a major legal setback……
Judges ruled that most of the cases against the MoD had been brought too late, and that many of the veterans’ arguments that the fallout caused a wide range of medical conditions – from cancer to infertility – were “not strong”…..

Nine of the 10 tests cases were denied their day in court, with Lady Justice Smith stating that the law requires that veterans must prove not only negligence on the part of the MoD, but that radiation exposure was a probable cause of their injuries.
John Taylor, 73, of Carnegie Close, Biddick Hall, South Shields, who was an atom-bomb ‘guinea pig’ while serving as an RAF leading aircraftman in Maralinga, Australia, in 1957, is one of around 1,000 veterans pressing for compensation in a separate case. He said: “This decision is disgusting and obviously a big blow, but we should fight on.

“I’m convinced that if we took this to the European Court of Human Rights, we would win our case.

“I’m bitterly disappointed that the current Government – and previous governments – have seemingly refused to accept the case for compensation by the veterans.

“At the end of the day, this is all about money– but I believe the men who suffered are entitled to compensation. We are fighting for justice – not money.”A-bomb ver’s vow to continue fight – Shields Gazette

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