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Australia’s fossil fuel energy was kept artificially cheap

In a sense, even solar power rebates and incentives are really still just fossil fuel subsidies. It’s a puzzling situation and akin to a snake eating its own tail. The solar subsidies exist in part to combat the effects of fossil fuel subsidies that keep those polluting fuels artificially cheap. It’s a curious and confusing form of fossil fuel double dipping.

The Cheap Energy Era That Wasn’t, Renewable Energy News, 25 Nov 10 “…….An issue often overlooked is the real reason why solar power needs to be subsidised at all. All the effort and resources that have gone into propping up polluting fossil fuel industries for decades have been at the expense of clean, renewable energy technologies that have been kept on the outer……….. Continue reading

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Australian soldiers and Aborigines affected by nuclear test court case

About 200 Australian veterans, widows and children of veterans had planned their own class action against the British government. Aborigines affected were also closely watching the verdict.

The British veterans are deciding whether to appeal, while the Australians are now considering an action against the Australian government.

British ruling hits Diggers’ bid for bomb test damages, The Age, DAN OAKES, 24 Nov 10, AUSTRALIAN veterans’ hopes of compensation for exposure to nuclear testing in the 1950s hang by a thread after a British court decision. Continue reading

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A legal setback, but British nuclear veterans will fight on

“I’m convinced that if we took this to the European Court of Human Rights, we would win our case…..We are fighting for justice – not money.

A-bomb vets vow to continue fight  Shields Gazette, John Taylor witnessed atomic tests in 1957.  23 November 2010 By Terry Kelly DISAPPOINTED nuclear test veterans in South Tyneside are set to fight on for justice Continue reading

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