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Anti uranium music and arts festival opens today at BHP BIlliton’s Olympic Damn uranium mine

LIZARD’S REVENGE KICKS OFF AT OLYMPIC DAM  Saturday 14th July  Protestors continue to gather for the Lizards Revenge music and arts festival at BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine. The event officially begins today and is scheduled to run for the next five days.

The event will open with a welcome to country. At 11.00 am Uncle Kevin Buzzacott will be holding a press conference at the camp, and at 12.30 pm there will be a march to the gates of the mine. The music will start in the afternoon, featuring musicians from around the country. The event will showcase sustainable energies such as solar and wind power.

“We have full authority to be here from senior Kokatha custodians,” said Uncle Kevin Buzzacott.

“People worldwide are against the nuclear industry, especially since Fukushima. It’s in the public interest to close the mine. People need to look and learn how deadly this industry is. The sooner it stops the better. We are here to make a strong stand for country, and are fighting to save our sacred land. If people really knew what they were destroying they wouldn’t touch it,” he continued.

“Whilst the police have publicly stated that our right to protest will be upheld, policing approaches to date have set an unreasonable precedent for depriving people of their civil liberties and their right to engage in political demonstration and communication,” said Nectaria Calan.

“After key details relating to the protest have been publicly available for a number of months, those seeking to participate have arrived to discover road blocks preventing access to the site and a ‘protected area’ declaration, under the Protective Security Act, that suspends their freedom of movement, rights to privacy, and other civil liberties.”

“Protesters currently have to obtain permission to leave and enter the camp site. By barricading the main access road to the site, police are forcing attendees to be escorted through the protected area, allowing police to require people in vehicles to provide evidence of their identification.”

“This is an extraordinary infringement on civil liberties. Peaceful demonstration and political communication is not a criminal act. Such moves by the police contradict their public statements that they will respect our right to protest.”

“Despite over-policing and ongoing harassment of those travelling to the event, extending as far as road blocks in Port Augusta, numbers at camp continue to grow,” continued Ms Calan.

Uncle Kevin Buzzacott said, “If people want to learn how to love the land and make peace, they are welcome to come here and join us.” Contact: Nectaria Calan 0432 388 665 Please meet at the silver media caravan at the camp for the press conference with Uncle Kevin

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