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More from David Bradbury – Day 1 at the Lizards Revenge anti uranium festival

As if to make a mockery of the so called autonomy of the recent award of Native Title to his people, Kevin Buzzacott (pictured)  had to get a permit from the police to drive down on a public road from his home to the north here to join the protestors yesterday.

So end of daylight going into music and dance celebration tonight and all is good. Very friendly feeling amongst everyone as people get to know their neighbors in pitched tents next to them. People chatting around camp fires, reviewing their part and impressions of today’s great march to the mine entrance gates where people dressed in very colorful outfits and hairstyles Bollywood and danced their booties off. Some amazing break dancing on the road to a very appreciative audience.

The cops who were thick in presence looked on stoney faced from behind the BHP wire and off to the sides. The cost to the taxpayer for this over policed event must be phenomenal. But we love the Land. We love the country. We know why we are here to protect country and the Future. As Uncle Kevin said at utoday’s press conference, “one bulldozer and 40,000 years is gone”.

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