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To September 2nd – nuclear and climate news – Australia

Climate change remains the greatest global threat – because it is getting close to irreversible. But the nuclear threat is pretty big too. This month, nations can ratify the UN  treaty on the prohibition of nuclear . It is not too late for more countries to join the treaty. It will be open for signatures from any UN member state on 20 September during the annual general assembly.

The North Korean nuclear crisis doesn’t go away.  North Korea’s missile development continues, as USA intensifies its war games on North Korea’s doorstep. One small slip-up could bring nuclear catastrophe.

Floods continue, affecting at least 41 million people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.  In America, the Houston flood introduces the age of climate chaos for the “developed”world.

Australian government cracking down on environmental activists.

Malcolm Turnbull tries to look climate change good, with Snowy Hydro funding.

NUCLEAR. Australia should join Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.

Australian media mindlessly regurgitates nuclear lobby spin about medical wastes. Time for Australia to have an inquiry into nuclear waste production and storage.  Deep divisions caused in rural community of Kimba, over Federal govt’s radioactive trash dump plan.  Royal Adelaide Hospital waste to be shipped back overseas when it closes .

Aboriginal women’s long walk to stop uranium mining in Western Australia.

Minerals Council wants “clean” “affordable” nuclear power for Australia.

A truly good news story – the cuttlefish are back in Spencer Gulf.

CLIMATE. We can no longer tolerate climate change denial.   Australian government watering down the climate recommendations of the Finkel energy report. The Finkel clean energy target will not meet Australia’s goals in Paris climate agreement, anyway. Australian govt –‘no plans’ to build or fund coal power, says PM Malcolm Turnbull.

ENERGY Enough renewable energy to power 70% of Australian homes.Without Clean Energy Target, Australia’s booming renewable energy will flounder: Frydenberg prevaricates. Lots of renewable energy news at  REneweconomy.



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