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20th January – nuclear news this week.

The climate of fear. An article by Tony Schwartz, biographer of Donald Trump, describes Trump’s main effect on the body politic , after a year in office: “Trump has made fear the dominant emotion of our times.” This culture of fear is now expressed in actions – USA quietly preparing for war with North Korea, Russia’s new underwater drone – a ‘doomsday’ weapon, United Nations: Secretary General warns on growing nuclear war danger.

End nuclear weapons and nuclear power – we owe this to our children.

I’m so sorry that I’m not now covering climate change issues – it’s not as if these are going away!


The Peace Boat is on its way to Australia.

Nuclear waste dumping decisions promoted as just a “local” issue – Australia unaware.

Countering deceptive propaganda about Australia needing nuclear weapons.   China is not heading for nuclear attack on Australia: no point in Australia getting nuclear weapons. Defence analysts suggesting that Australia might need nuclear weapons?.

Professor Hugh White warns on risks of an alliance between Japan and Australia.

Brett Stokes – a reminder about ANSTO and its zeal for the nuclear industry.

Minerals Council says it makes political donations to gain access to MPs.

India Enters Australia Group, Inches Closer to Joining Nuclear Suppliers Group.

The decline of journalism in the mainstream media.

South Australia Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives standing for South Australian election, with pro nuclear policy. Film company to abandon plans for production in South Australian area if Federal nuclear waste dump goes ahead? Lest we forget: South Australians consistently reject hosting a nuclear waste dump.

South Australia’s heatwave will not affect power supply.    Tesla’s South Australian battery project – a rapid success. Coal unit trips in heatwave as Tesla big battery cashes in.  Big solar boom kicks off in South Australia  with completion of 6MW Whyalla project.

I can’t resist pointing out some of the very positive renewable energy news: Australian wind, solar investment hits record high as NEG threatens to push it off a cliff.  Queensland could host Australia’s largest wind farm, in proposed renewables hub. Community to invest directly in wind power in New England. More at 

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