Australian news, and some related international items

To October 6th- nuclear, climate and renewable energy news – Australia

The new U.N. climate report will reveal urgent disastrous climate change now on the way.

Beyond Nuclear counteracts the industry’s false propaganda about ionising radiation.



Julian Assange’s health in danger– but he lacks medical care.

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science chief economist enthusiastic about the lithium industry.

Australian government grossly inflates the number of jobs to be needed at planned South Australian nuclear waste dump.

Labor Senator Gallacher joins the Labor-Liberal pro nuclear dance team. Flinders Ranges – a top tourist destination – a crazy choice for a nuclear waste dump.

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science – no resolution of dispute. Submissions are still accepted.

– Call for independent Inquiry into management of Australia’s Lucas Heights nuclear wastes.

Suggestion that Australia get nuclear weapons.

CLIMATE. The value of Australia’s coal exports is forecast to decline sharply.

WA Indigenous community tries to rid water supply of unsafe level of uranium.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  Greens propose 30 renewable energy zones, backed by grid fund.     Australia installed solar capacity to double to 18GW by 2020 .  Regulator says announced wind and solar projects now topping 10GW.     Three biggest solar farms join the grid in Victoria, NSW, and South Australia . Victoria’s renewable energy boom set to create thousands of jobs.  It’s a tie! Tasmania defies federal Coalition on bipartisan approach to energy. Kidston Renewable Energy Hub in Far North Queensland fast tracked. Wind farming – a benefit and source of pride to farmersEnergy storage ‘a game-changer’ for Australia.


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