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Another week in pandemic, climate, and nuclear news – Australia

I had vowed to leave the pandemic for everyone else to cover.  But, it’s too much. It’s too big.  I think that we are all dimly aware, now, that we’re not getting back to normal any time soon.  Today’s news – Coronavirus deaths top 600,000 worldwide as pandemic infections surge.  Amid the global pandemic, humanity still faces simultaneous existential dangers – nuclear war and climate change.

The pandemic is certainly a global crisis. Scientists call for climate change to be treated as a crisis, too. Climate change will make much of the planet too hot for humans to function.

July 16 was the 75th anniversary of the first nuclear explosion, “Trinity” in New Mexico. This anniversary was a timely reminder of the harm done to workers, and soldiers, by the nuclear weapons industry. The “Trinity” explosion was the beginning of America’s nuclear oppression of its own people.

  Some bits of good news –  Oxford coronavirus vaccine triggers strong immune response, trial shows .    The Search Engine That Plants Trees With Every Search Has Just Planted its 100-Millionth Tree.  (photo above)


This post I’ve repeated, due to large interest in it from viewers:  (Video) Pine Gap – USA’s secret spy base in Australia.

NUCLEAR.  Climate change a grave threat to nuclear power, especially in Australia.

Nuclear status quo in federal environmental law review:

  • no change to nuclear power prohibition 
  • uranium to stay a “matter of national environmental significance”
  •  federal government should maintain powers to intervene in uranium mining

NSW Parliament’s State Development Committee reports on the unaffordable costs of nuclear reactors (large or small).

Radioactive waste management Bill (languishing in the Senate)    Letter to Australia’s Senators – alarm over proposed National Radioactive Waste Amendment Bill.  George Gear submits on Radioactive Waste Bill – that Kimba site is technically, indeed totally, unsuitable.

Failed politician Cory Bernardi resuscitated – renewed zeal for nuclear and “Advance Australia“.  “Advance Australia” -the extreme right wing lobby group, says that climate change is a hoax.

Remote community loses their court fight to get uranium-free drinking water.




Greta Thunberg calls for immediate action on ‘existential crisis‘ of climate emergency.   The ever-increasing threat of coronavirus, but the global heating threat is even worse.

More pandemics to come – bat research is critical for prevention.

Thanks to Botswana, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has now reached 40 states ratifying it.

Nuclear bomb testing – the cruellest legacy of environmental injustice and racism. July 16 1945 – the first nuclear bomb test – the start of many more.

Because of the pandemic, nuclear power plants have to have safety checks done by remote means.

Investigative journalismmapping uranium.

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