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The week in nuclear news

The big news worldwide continues to be about the coronavirus, which is still raging in many countries, especially in the USA.  Meanwhile the race to develop and implement vaccines is already on.

It’s not as if global heating has stopped,  but this newsletter is sticking to the nuclear subject.   That seems to be going quiet,  but not so, really, While the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will come into force next month, there seems to be a rush by the nuclear weapons states to ramp up their nuclear arsenal.
This week, I didn’t add up the numbers of headlined articles on nuclear issues, in Google News.  But I did add up the ones on Small Modular Reactors.  Today – there were over 80 of them, the vast majority enthusing mindlessly about them.  There were 8 articles that raised questions, doubts about the viability of small nuclear reactors.

Australian children targetted for propaganda by the weapons industry.

The Australian government”s intimidation of whistleblowers – the torture of Julian Assange.

What next as the Senate rejects the mandatory selection of Napandee as nuclear waste dump?  Exposing the deceptions of Keith Pitt, Minister for Resources, on the failed nuclear waste dump plan.  Exposing the deceptions of Samantha Chard General Manager of the National Radioactive Waste Agency.  “Traceability” and Nuclear waste on agricultural land?  Can a new mine save BHP’s loss-making Olympic Dam? .

Victorian Parliament: Legislative Council Committee finds that nuclear ban should stay.    Victorian Government Inquiry confirms that there is no future in nuclear power.  Inquiry confirms nuclear energy’s ‘proven risks’.  Victorian Inquiry finds nuclear power costly and risky.

Australian government’s Bill to weaken Environmental Law will be rejected in the Senate.   Corporate vested interests win as Australian Government weakens Environmental Laws.  Australian government is rushing to weaken Environmental Laws.

Australia’s Department of Defence captured by foreign weapons makers Thales, BAE.


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