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Anti-nuclear Waste Dump Rally in Northern Territory, Then Legal Action Against Govt?

“But [they] have been asked by the traditional owners to act from them, so officially have been asked to act and stop the dump and to hold the Federal Government and Northern Land Council accountable for their actions.”

Hundreds rally to stop nuclear dump ABC Alice Springs – Australian Broadcasting Corporation April 5, 2010 Indigenous groups and environmentalists are continuing a push to stop a radioactive waste dump being built on Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory.More than 200 people gathered in Tennant Creek on the weekend to protest against the dump being built on the site north of the town. Continue reading

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When it comes to Nuclear Disarmament, Obama’s hands pretty much tied

Obama’s dream of a nuke-free world will encounter the stiffest resistance at home—from the people who make and safeguard nuclear weapons.

Why Obama Can’t End Nukes, The Doomsday Dilemma This Spring, Barack Obama will push toward his goal of a nuclear-free world. But the stiffest resistance may be at home.By John Barry and Evan Thomas | NEWSWEEK Apr 3, 2010 “…..Ever since the dawn of the atomic age at Hiroshima in August 1945, American presidents have been trying to figure out how to climb off the nuclear treadmill…….. Continue reading

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Call for Australia to get out of the nuclear cycle

The team at ICAN – International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons 5 April 2010
We Australians often like to think of ourselves as a peace-loving nation.
However, as long as we continue to supply uranium to nuclear weapon states around the world, the perception of Australia as being benign in global affairs is an illusion.
The threat of nuclear weapons is as real today as it has ever been – yet Australia is in danger of setting itself up as uranium supplier to the world. Continue reading

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Christians blockade nuclear base at Easter

Communion shared at blockade of Faslane nuclear base  Ekklesia, 3 April 2010, Christians have shared communion while participating in a blockade of the Faslane nuclear weapons base in Scotland. The “symbolic blockade” today (3 April) forms part of a day of action across Europe, as campaigners from various countries call for the removal of nuclear arms from the entire continent. Continue reading

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Cherie Blair doing legal battle for aboriginal nuclear victims

Cherie Blair to help atomic test veterans  Mirror News UK By Susie Boniface 4/04/2010 Cherie Blair is helping atomic test veterans sue the Government in a multi-million-pound lawsuit.Three hundred Australian survivors – ex-military staff and civilians including 100 Aborigines -say radiation from British tests in Oz left them with a legacy of cancers, rare medical conditions and defects in their children.

The leading human rights lawyer’s husband Tony Blair insisted while PM they were not affected and blocked their claims.The Sunday Mirror has campaigned for justice for the veterans, widows and children who won the right to sue the Ministry of Defence last year.Aborigines’ campaigner Neil Gillespie said of Cherie: “She is as sharp as a Samurai sword.”

Cherie Blair to help atomic test veterans –

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$Millions paid to nuclear executives in UK, too

included paying £3.8 million in taxpayer-funded bonuses to staff during 2008…The payments, which ranged from an average of just under £12,000 to nearly £37,000, were made on top of regular salary payments totalling £19.5 million.

Top jobs go in shake-up at nuclear quango,  The Times April 3, 2010, Two of Britain’s most highly paid civil servants have been axed and dozens more jobs are under threat at the quango charged with cleaning up nuclear plants, The Timeshas learnt. Continue reading

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International Indigenous Solidarity Gathering for Alice Springs

The gathering will focus on the environmental impacts of mining, proposed uranium dumping, and tourism on indigenous communities in this region and Australia wide. The mining companies often seek to divide indigenous people by holding out false promises of jobs and the payment of compensation to pay for improvements to the infrastructure that should by rights be a governmental responsibility.
Our Land Our Culture Our Sovereignty Indigenous Self-Determination Gathering  Aboriginal News Group  by: Ana , 5 April 2010, INTERNATIONAL INDIGENOUS SOLIDARITY GATHERING IN ALICE SPRINGS JULY 10, 11 Continue reading

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Uranium mining’s damage to Niger

“You can’t just fight against nuclear power plants and waste repositories,” he said. “If you want to kill the tree, kill the roots”. He was referring to the uranium mines.

Uranium Mining in Niger ‘Tuareg Activist Takes on French Nuclear Company’ The Blogger: 2 April 2010, “……..A total of 80,000 people live in the two cities Areva created in the desert to service the mines. There are no paved roads, but there is plenty of reddish-brown dust, which penetrates into every crack and pore. Well water is radioactively contaminated, and precious fossil groundwater is used in the uranium ore processing plant. The region’s nomads are finding fewer and fewer pastures for their cattle, and people are affected by fatal illnesses. Continue reading

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