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Can we trust nuclear scientists to tell the truth about nuclear technology?

Yes, it’s all very exciting. Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit has made some moves in the direction of nuclear security.

And, yes, it’s a blow to uranium mining shares, now that old weapons fuel is going to be turned into low enriched uranium, and sold cheaply as fuel for nuclear reactors.

BUT – what an opportunity for nuclear scientists, like say ANSTO,  to spruik their wares –  in recycling, reprocessing technology! And now we’re gonna need some gee-whiz answer to highly radioactive wastes –  like say  ANSTO ‘s  Synroc. (Never mind that all countries decided over 30 years ago that it really wouldn’t work)

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ANSTO hoping to get into a lucrative nuclear waste disposal business

Australia ‘to lead in N-waste treatment’April 15, 2010 –  New Internationalist Australia is poised to lead the world in providing technology to clean up dangerous nuclear waste, the head of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has announced in the US. Continue reading

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NASA’s cruel radiation experiments on squirrel monkeys might be stopped

NASA should drop the monkey business at Brookhaven Lab,, April 15, 2010 By MARJORIE CRAMER ….. We know that these and other sources of ionizing radiation are harmful to humans. So why would NASA want to bombard as many as 30 squirrel monkeys with radiation to try to understand how interplanetary travel affects astronauts? The proposal for this research is now being reviewed…OPINION: NASA should drop the monkey business at Brookhaven Lab

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Now use of weapons fuel sends uranium price plummeting

Greens welcome fall in uranium price,  Scott Ludlam  15th April 2010, The Australian Greens have welcomed this week’s fall in global uranium prices, due to a global peace deal to reduce nuclear weapons.“When world leaders sign off agreements to reduce their weapons arsenals the uranium market becomes flooded with weapons-usable nuclear fuel,” the Party’s Nuclear Spokesperson, WA Senator Scott Ludlam said…. Continue reading

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Earthquake danger to Nuclear plants, and fuel transport

Quake rattles Chilean-U.S. uranium move ,   SANTIAGO, Chile, April 14 (UPI) – A Chilean-U.S. nuclear waste disposal arrangement was nearly derailed, with dangerous consequences for North and South America, when a magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck Chile Feb. 27, interfering with deliveries of radioactive waste to U.S. processing plants. Chilean reports on the narrowly missed mishap involving the weapons-grade uranium, published by The Santiago Times, weren’t immediately commented upon by industrial sources and officials……

Chile doesn’t produce nuclear power but has a research reactor and the uranium usually is stored at the reactor site and a military base.

The quake caused widespread concern in Chilean and American nuclear communities. A U.S. team sent to Chile was especially keen to ensure the volatile material didn’t set off a chain reaction while in transit. Quake rattles Chilean-U.S. uranium move –

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University of Queensland leads the way with solar panels

UQ powers up with Australia’s ‘largest’ solar panel system – Industry News – Queensland Business Review, April 16, 2010 The largest roof top solar power panel installation in Australia will be built at the University of Queensland (UQ) St Lucia Campus in Brisbane.Premier Anna Bligh says the Queensland Government is investing $1.5 million to support the development of a $7.75 million 1.2 megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) project at UQ……The system will form part of a larger micro-grid strategy to use renewable energy across the University’s other campuses over the next decade. UQ powers up with Australia’s ‘largest’ solar panel system – Industry News – Queensland Business Review

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Reports show that renewable energy could provide majority of world’s electricity needs

A World Run On Low Carbon Energy No Pipe Dream : Renewable Energy News, 15 APRIL, 2010 |The myth of low carbon and renewable energy sources not being able to supply the majority, if not all, the developed world’s electricity requirements in the near future is being busted almost weekly in recent months. Continue reading

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Pakistan back in the nuclear sales business

Pakistan Offers Global Nuclear Fuel Services Again,  Planet Ark: 15-Apr-10 , Louis Charbonneau Pakistan, the country of the disgraced nuclear scientist who provided Iran, Libya and North Korea with uranium enrichment technology, is once again offering its atomic fuel services to the world. Continue reading

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Australian Govt likely to override Senate recommendations on radioactive waste dump

Labor’s Nuclear-Powered Steamroller,, By Jennifer Mills 16 April 2010, “………  On Monday, the Senate inquiry into the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010 held its final hearing in Darwin. The inquiry has been underway since September and is expected to deliver its recommendations by the end of the month. Those recommendations are not expected to favour the proposed dump site at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. But the Bill may be passed anyway, which would turn the site selection into a magically done deal. Continue reading

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Limitations of Nuclear Security Summit’s achiievement

What the summit did not address in any detail was the likelier and more easily achievable possibility that a terrorist organisation might obtain highly radioactive material and attach it to a conventional, crudely made dirty bomb that could still spread lethal material over a wide area.

World takes aim at nukes | The Australian,   Brad Norington, Washington correspondent, April 16, 2010 Obama’s plan, endorsed at the summit by all attending countries including Australia, is to conduct an enormous accounting exercise with the objective of securing all nuclear materials across the world during the next four years. Continue reading

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India’s ionising radiation problem continues

NDMA warns soil at Mayapuri could be contaminated, The Times of India, Dwaipayan Ghosh, TNN, Apr 16, 2010, Even as experts from BARC claimed that no “new sources” of radioactive cobalt-60 were found in the market on Thursday, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) sent out a note of caution saying that the soil has been “contaminated” at various locations……. “Those who are admitted at hospitals are still not fit enough to answer our questions,” said the DCP.NDMA warns soil at Mayapuri could be contaminated – Delhi – City – The Times of India

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