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Earthquakes can affect mines, or be caused by them

For example, these are three earthquakes known to have been triggered by open pit mining:

Wappinger’s Falls, USA 7 June 1974

Belchatow, Central Poland 29 Nov 1980

Cacoosing Valley, Pennsylvania USA 16 Jan 1994

Click to access AEES2009Talk_MashersNewcastle_p07.pdf

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Earthquake in Western Australian mining area

Biggest quake in 50 years hits Australia’s goldfields (open pit) Virginia Against Uranium Mining: Biggest quake Perth, Australia (AFP) April 20, 2010 The biggest earthquake in 50 years rattled Western Australia’s Goldfields region on Tuesday, damaging buildings but not causing any injuries, officials said.The 5.2-magnitude quake, at a shallow depth of just 10 kilometres (six miles), struck just outside the Kalgoorlie-Boulder mining towns at about 8:17 am (0017 GMT), geologists said……..A spokesman for the geoscientific agency said the remote mining centre, about 600 kilometres (370 miles) east of Perth, had not seen an earthquake bigger than 4.2 in the previous half-century.”This is quite a large earthquake for Australia and a shallow, potentially damaging, earthquake,” he said. “It’s the largest event in this area in the last 50 years.” Officials at nearby mines were not immediately available for comment.

Virginia Against Uranium Mining: Biggest quake – Flash Player Installation

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An Olympic sized earthquake danger

the EIS Study Team is not competent to evaluate seismic risk. The EIS Study Team did not include any geophysicists – it is essential that the EIS be approved by seismologists,

EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS – SOUTH AUSTRALIANS WAITING FOR THE BIG ONE April 18, 2010 by Coober Pedy Regional Times“.……in 2004 Sandra Kanck, Leader of the South Australian Democrats and Member of the Legislative Council warned that the earthquake risk was too high for the proposed nuclear waste dump at Woomera in South Australia’s Far North……

OLYMPIC DAM: Mashers Fault Mashers Fault and the Seismicity Anticipated to be Stimulated by the Proposed Open Pit Mine at Olympic Dam, By: Edward Cranswick, Geophysicist,

Abstract: The proposed excavation at Olympic Dam of one of the largest open pit mines on Earth, 4.1 km long, 3.5 km wide, 1 km deep, at a bend in the steeply dipping, 35-km-long Mashers Fault, and the associated perturbation of the local groundwater pore pressures in a region of horizontal compressive stress would most likely stimulate local seismicity. Continue reading

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Canadian researchers show the power of solar power

if they can mount solar panels on the rooftops and on those areas that are economically unproductive they can produce enormous amount of solar power
Ontario Solar Power could match US Nuclear Power, Alternative Energy April 20th, 2010 –Queen’s University Applied Sustainability Research Group located in Kingston, Canada comes out with two studies that claim solar power in southeastern Ontario can be created in abundance. The natural question is how much abundance?. The answer is mind-boggling. Southeastern Ontario has the potential to produce almost as much power as all the nuclear reactors in the United States! Continue reading

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Australia’s shame: ignoring its “Black Mist” atomic radiation victims

Radiation skin burns from contact with the radioactive Black Rain among Hiroshima victims is officially recognized by the United States.
With such a long and documented history, official Australian ignorance of Beta Radiation Burn to skin as a consequence of contact with nuclear fallout has no excuse………

The Black Mist and its Aftermath, The Black Mist Incident « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 21 April 2010, -Oral Histories by Lallie Lennon A Submission to the Government of South Australia, the Commonwealth Government of Australia and the International Atomic Energy Agency Oral Historian Michele Madigan, 2006 and 2009Transcription and Commentary by Paul Langley…… Continue reading

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USA moves to compensate atomic radiation victims

“Uranium and weapons development of the Cold War era left a gruesome legacy in communities of mine workers and downwinders,”

Bipartisan bill would compensate more downwinders  Legislation covers people affected in seven states. By Judy Fahys The Salt Lake Tribune04/20/2010 People throughout seven Western states — including anywhere in Utah — who were exposed to radiation from atomic testing and the uranium industry would be eligible for government compensation, under proposed new congressional legislation…….. Continue reading

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U.S. corruption investigation involves BHP Billiton

BHP embroiled in US corruption probe, The West Australian, 21 April 2010, BHP Billiton says it is co-operating with US authorities in an investigation into possible corruption involving government officials. Continue reading

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Kentucky legal case over radiation contamination

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled then that the landowners don’t have to prove they were actually harmed to sue past contractors for trespassing by allowing contaminants to spread beyond the plant.

The high court also held that land devaluation by intentional trespassing is a recognized measure of damages once actual injury is determined. There is injury if groundwater is contaminated and it can’t be consumed.

Ky. landowners settle lawsuit over uranium leaks,  BusinessWeek, By BRETT BARROUQUERE 21 April 2010, !LOUISVILLE, Ky.A group of landowners have settled in a long-running lawsuit for $1.75 million over allegations that water leaks from a western Kentucky uranium enrichment plant devalued property values….compensating between 70 and 80 homeowners for the devaluation of their property because of radiation contamination….. Continue reading

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ANSTO’s SILEX nuclear laser invention is a weapons proliferation risk

“If this [SILEX new laser technology] proliferates, a country could develop material for a nuclear weapon without anyone being able to detect their activity.”

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Says SILEX Needs a Careful Look Newswise 4/13/2010— As global leaders discuss ridding the world of nuclear weapons, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory (NRC) Commission has acknowledged that a new laser technology— which could lead to even more global proliferation – deserves a closer examination.Commonly known as SILEX (Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation), the laser technology carries significant proliferation risks because of its small size and low energy use. Continue reading

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Radioactive poisoning and water exploitation in Niger

“pasture economy is about to disappear in north-eastern Niger because of the dozens of mine projects installed there which over-exploit the scarce water resources of the area”.

Niger: French State-Owned Company ‘Poisoning’ Poor | Coalition Against Nuclear Energy, Julio Godoy, April 2010, Paris — Recent research by Greenpeace suggests that French state-owned company Areva’s public claims of decontamination of populated areas near uranium mines in Niger are false. High radio-activity persists in towns and rural areas near the mines, affecting some 80,000 people… Continue reading

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