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Big welcome for aboriginal anti-nuclear protesors in Martin Ferguson’s electorate

at left, Dianne Stokes. by Christian Macpherson 22 April 2010. The Northcote Town Hall right in the heart of Martin Ferguson’s electorate, was packed last night, as local and Melbourne residents welcomed two courageous Aboriginals from the Tennant Creek area in the Northern Territory.

As Martin Ferguson hides in the safety of his Melbourne bunker, not having the guts to visit the local residents of the Muckaty Station area (planned nuclear waste dump) – well, Diane Stokes and Mark Chungaloo came to visit Ferguson’s area.

Melbourne heard of the strong opposition of four aboriginal clans, of local non-aboriginals, and of the Northern territory government – to the new National Radioactive Waste Management Bill –  – which is intended to override all their rights, and impose a nuclear waste dump on their land.

Perhaps Martin Ferguson, Australia’s Minister For Promoting the Nuclear Industry, will have a few voters to worry about, come the federal election.

Of course, Australia’s mainstream media, ever subservient to their corporate mining links, ignored this as large and attentive crowd was informed about this issue, Dr Bill Williams spoke on the health dangers of ioinsing radiation,. Natalie Wasley and Dave Sweeney spoke on the draconian legislation planned. Alex Bhathal, Greens candidate for the electorate of Batman,  received warm applause

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Nuclear corporation AREVA guiding Nuclear Security policies

The roundtable was hosted by Vice President Biden.

AREVA CEO Lauvergeon Participates In Nuclear Security Summit, Nuclear Power Industry News, 21 April 2010, By Stephen Heiser – “……AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon participated in Nuclear Security Summit activities taking place this week in Washington, D.C.  President Obama and global leaders were meeting to pursue a comprehensive nuclear security agenda to secure vulnerable nuclear materials around the world in four years…… Continue reading

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Senator Bob Brown speaks out against Northern Territory nuclear waste plan

such a project would not be tolerated in other locations in Australia. “Who would want [or] allow in Sydney or Melbourne a uranium mine within the outer fringes of their suburbs,”

Brown questions nuclear dump rationale  ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) 21 April 2010The Greens Senator Bob Brown says a proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station is not necessary. Continue reading

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Local govt opposes nuclear waste dump in Switzerland

Canton slams radioactive waste plans, World Radio Switzerland, 21 April 2010, Plans for a radioactive waste disposal unit in the canton of Schaffhausen has come under fire in a study published by the local government.The National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste outlined two possible sites for the unit: one in Zurich Weinland and one near Sudranden in the canton of Schaffhasusen.That’s just a few kilometers from the city of Schaffhausen, where 80 percent of the canton’s population live and work.

Today’s report says a disposal centre would have a detrimental effect on the town of Schaffhausen, and on the development of both the canton’s economy and population.The report estimates it would lose between 15 and 33 million francs in tax revenue a year and the population would drop by up to 5,000 people. WRS | Canton slams radioactive waste plans

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Lax controls in possibly corrupt BHP Billiton

BHP Reveals Possible Corruption  Australasian Investment Review – (AIR) 22 April 2010, BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest mining company, has joined its smaller rival, Rio Tinto, in being implicated in possible corrupt activities.The news was buried in the company’s first quarter exploration and development report, issued yesterday……
The ASX and or ASIC should ask BHP to provide more details as soon as possible……The disclosure laws here in Australia will have to be applied to see if BHP has provided timely and adequate disclosure to the local (and London) markets……There’s no word on whether the US Justice Department will become involved, but if it involves a breach of America’s bribery laws, it will.

If the reports are confirmed then authorities in countries in Europe, especially the European Commission and China could also become involved…..the fact that the allegations have been raised by the SEC shows the lax controls inside BHP, Australasian Investment Review

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BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium production dropped 90%

BHP’s Mixed Production Report Australasian Investment Review – (AIR) 22 April 2010 “……Uranium production from Olympic Dam dropped 90% from the March 2009 quarter because of the damage to the main shaft which also cut copper output…”

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“Developing” world a colony for “developed” world’s nuclear radioactive wastes

the developing world has unfortunately become the dumping ground for all sorts of hazardous waste from the developed world.

Radioactive Waste Came From Abroad, Officials Say | India, THE FASTER TIMES, Jeremy Kahn, 19 April 2010, Last week, I reported on the disconcerting case of a bunch of radioactive Cobalt 60 turning up in a West Delhi scrap dealer’s shop, resulting in the poisoning of at least six people and a considerable amount of panic.Now, The Wall Street Journal talks to nuclear scientists investigating the incident. They say that while they have not yet determined the source of radioactive metal, they are certain that it did not come from an Indian source…….As I mentioned in my initial post on this – the developing world has unfortunately become the dumping ground for all sorts of hazardous waste from the developed world. Radioactive Waste Came From Abroad, Officials Say | India

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ERA fails to come clean on Ranger uranium leak

ERA fails to come clean on Ranger uranium leak ,  Scott Ludlam, 21st April 2010, Ranger Uranium Mine. Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) has failed to come clean with shareholders and the people of the Northern Territory about the contaminated water leaking from the Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park during today’s Annual General Meeting in Darwin. Continue reading

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USA’s “blue ribbon commission – no idea what to do with nuclear waste!

there is no real federal waste management plan….Energy Secretary Steven Chu has created a “blue ribbon” commission to help create a new long-term waste policy..

Nuclear Utilities Sue DOE To Halt Nuclear Waste Fees, Nuclear Street, 22 April 2010, Utilities contend that the DOE has collected over $33 billion since 1983, never came for nuclear waste and has no federal waste management plan – By Stephen Heiser Continue reading

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Can the Mirrar aboriginal people hold out against ERA’s plan to expand uranium mining in Kakadu National Park?

No traditional owners were at the meeting, but they have repeatedly said they do not want Jabiluka mined..

ERA still keen to mine Jabiluka for uranium, By Louisa Rebgetz   ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Apr 21, 2010 Energy Resources of Australia has made it clear it wants to mine the Jabiluka uranium deposit within the Kakadu National Park.

ERA owns and operates the nearby Ranger uranium mine… Continue reading

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USA public losing trust in nuclear power authorities

while nuclear plants have permits that allow them to emit material into surface water and the air, they do not have permits that let them release material to groundwater, which is where the tritium is going..

Has Trust Leaked Away With the Tritium?, By MATTHEW L. WALD, April 20, 2010,  A panel of experts convened on Tuesday by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to discuss how the agency should approach tritium leaks at reactors suggested that the biggest risk that nuclear operators faced was the erosion of public trust…. Continue reading

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