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Be wary: Australian govt compensation may impede current legal action

Aust Govt to compensate nuke vets, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 7 May 2010, “……..This may be very good news for the surviving 2,000 nuclear veterans out of the Australian 8,000 service personnel who were used as target practice for the British nuclear weaponeers,…..

It still leaves the question as to whether the payments will contain clauses impeding the current legal action against the British government, whether the children of the veterans will be impeded in their claims for conditions ranging from Downs Syndrome and skeletal deformity to blood diseases, heart disease and cancers etc.

The WA press report makes no mention of civilian downwinders including Aboriginal Australians and pastoralists.

There is no mention in the WA press as to whether the payments will be treated as income for the purposes of Veterans Affairs pensions (many Australian nuke vets also served in Korea) and for aged and invalid pension purposes.

If it treated as income, these payments to those veterans will be reduced. We will have to wait and see. If compensation is paid without regard to current Social Security laws, (Centrelink as the agency is called in Australia), direct deductions from pensions may result and preclusion periods (non payment periods) may apply.

We will have to wait and see on Tuesday what the content actually is and how it affects the survivors normal entitlements as aged pensioners and DVA service and disability pensioners.

There is more to this than meets the eye and the detail to be released on Tuesday will have to be viewed carefully.

It would be good if those people formerly on the previous governments consultative forum on the issue of the Health survey and who have been subject to legal gag on commenting on those joint community-DVA forums, had their gags lifted.

So far the Rudd government has been more show than go. Is this about to change? Have they thought it threw or had Mr Process (Rudd) finally come up with something of substance?

I suppose it would be too much to extend the payments the 2,000 survivors may get to the heirs of the 6,000 who “didn’t make this far.” As Ric would say.

The press report makes no mention of how widows of nuke veterans will benefit, if at all from this compensation package.

On the state level, action needs to be taken to ensure that the South Australian Treasurer, Mr Kevin Foley, doesn’t view any Federal compensation payments to Nuke Vets living in South Australian public housing as an excuse to raise their housing rental costs. It would not be beyond him. We might have to put Kevin in a shipping container and weld the doors shut……. nuclearhistory « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

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