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Australia: Flawed Senate Report into Radioactive Waste Plan

“This proposed legislation remains controversial and contested.  Minister Ferguson’s legislation is a bad deal, not a done deal.”

Senate radioactive dump inquiry deeply flawed, Australian Conservation Foundation, 8 May 2010 A Senate report into laws to authorise a controversial planned nuclear waste in the Northern Territory has failed to make any progress towards responsible radioactive waste management in Australia, the Australian Conservation Foundation said today… Continue reading

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Uranium tailings inflict cancer on a town in Utah

A town under siege from Cancer, ABC – Salt Lake City, Utah Newsby: Brent Hunsaker
MONTICELLO, Utah  7 May 2010,
The Uranium mill was big for little Monticello. Still, not everyone worked there. So why would people who never set foot on mill property still get cancer? Continue reading

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Australia’s Minerals Council ASKED for national profit based tax

The Australian media – ever true to its corporate masters, and its own slackness, is giving the big miners, and their mouthpiece, the Liberal Party, full sway with an attack on the Australian government’s newly announced super profit resource tax.

BHP Billiton’s CEO Marius Kloppers is the leader in this breath-taking hypocrisy.

1. The Minerals Council of Australia, in its submission to the government Dec. 2008 specifically requested a change to a national “profit-based” tax.

2. BHP and its ancillary industries now kick up a fuss about reduced activities, job losses, etc at the Olympic Dam uranium mine at Roxby Downs.  But Olympic Dam has been functioning at about a quarter capacity for many months, due to a shaft accident, – nothing to do with the resource tax. And all probably quite convenient, in the present climate of low uranium prices.

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World Bank has labelled nuclear power plants “large white elephants”

Nuclear power in developing countries: radioactive waste, proliferation and debt « Charles Santiago 6 May 2010, The World Bank view Nuclear Power Plants s are large white elephants  The World Bank has labeled nuclear plants “large white elephants”.. Its Environmental Assessment Source Book is unambiguous about nuclear’s problems: “Nuclear plants are thus uneconomic because at present and projected costs they are unlikely to be the least-cost alternative. Continue reading

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Be wary: Australian govt compensation may impede current legal action

Aust Govt to compensate nuke vets, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, 7 May 2010, “……..This may be very good news for the surviving 2,000 nuclear veterans out of the Australian 8,000 service personnel who were used as target practice for the British nuclear weaponeers,…..

It still leaves the question as to whether the payments will contain clauses impeding the current legal action against the British government, Continue reading

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Environmentally induced cancer, including by radiation “grossly underestimated”

(USA) President’s Cancer Panel claims cancers due to environmental toxins grossly underestimated –, President’s panel analyzes environmental cancer impact, by Tiffany O’Callaghan 6 May 2010, “……what evidence there is suggests that the “true burden of environmentally induced cancer has been grossly underestimated,” the authors write……In hospitals and doctor’s offices, the authors emphasize the need to minimize radiation exposure, Continue reading

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White Australia urged to join Aboriginal fightback

Uranium, gold, oil, iron ore — these are the reasons why Aboriginal people are being humiliated…..And a lot of money is to be made in contracts for the dumping of foreign toxic waste in the Northern Territory………
If we had a free media in Australia, this would be exposed.

“Support NT Indigenous fightback.” Togs’s Place.Com.: John Pilger:, 7 May 2010, We are celebrating once more the resolve and courage and political determination, and imagination, of a group of Indigenous Australians. Continue reading

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AREVA’s radioactive water contamination in Niger

VIDEOLeft in the Dust – Areva’s uranium mining in Niger | Greenpeace International

Left in the Dust – Areva’s uranium mining in Niger | Greenpeace International 6 May 2010, Operations of Nuclear giant AREVA put lives at risk in Niger Uranium mines in Niger operated by the state-owned French nuclear giant AREVA continue to create a radioactive hazard for the people living nearby.

A new report released today by Greenpeace reveals contamination levels in the air, water and soil above internationally accepted limits.“Radioactivity increases poverty because it creates more victims. With each day passes we are exposed to radiation and continue to be surrounded by poisoned air, polluted water and earth – while AREVA makes hundreds of millions from our natural resources.”

said Almoustapha Alhacen, President of the local Nigerian NGO Aghir in’ Man (which means “the shield of the soul” in the Touareg language, is a local environmental and human rights organization).Last November, Greenpeace carried out soil, water and air tests in Arlit and Akokan, located a few kilometers from the mines.

The samples were studied in collaboration with the France-based Research and Independent Information on Radioactivity Commission (CRIIRAD).“The analysis we have performed show that the uranium contamination in four out of five water samples exceed World Health Organisation safety limits*. We found evidence of radon, a radioactive gas dissolved in water and also chemical elements. Even so, this water is still being distributed to the population and the workers for consumption” said Bruno Chareyron, an engineer in Nuclear Physics from CRIIRAD. Left in the Dust – Areva’s uranium mining in Niger | Greenpeace International

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Controversial U.S. nuclear reactor – fuelled by Australian uranium

“Australians feel a deep responsibility,” said Atkinson. “We are sending this poison around the world.” Of the 12,000 tons of uranium exported, one-third ends up in the United States. “The United States is one of the major consumers of our uranium,” he said.

(USA) Uranium: The Australia-Vt. connection, Brattleboro Reformer, By BOB AUDETTE , May 6, 2010 BRATTLEBORO — Australia and Vermont are connected in a way not many people think about — through uranium.”We are pretty sure that some of the uranium mined in Australia is being used in the fuel rods at Vermont Yankee,” Continue reading

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Resuscitation of nuclear industry is losing momentum

(USA) Some States Push For New Nuclear Reactors, With Little Success |, by Dave Levitan – May 5th, 2010 “…..Stalled Momentum

Many other states do not have moratoria in place —only about 12 do—but even those that have the legal greenlight are seeing the nuclear momentum get held up recently. Continue reading

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Greens again call for safety audit of Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor

Audit nuke risk at Lucas Heights: Greens, Sydney Morning Herald, GABRIELLE DUNLEVY, May 6, 2010 – There are new calls for an independent audit into the Lucas Heights nuclear facility, with a whistleblower claiming staff are at risk from serious safety breaches. Continue reading

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International Atomic Energy Agency wants Israel to ‘fess up to its nuclear weapons

UN watchdog wants Israel to join NPT, Palestine Note, 5 May 2010, IAEA seeks international input on persuading Israel to join treaty Washington – The UN’s nuclear watchdog is seeking international support in persuading Israel to join the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) in a step that will likely put pressure on Israel to publicly confirm the existence of its unacknowledged nuclear arsenal, The Associated Press reported Wednesday. Continue reading

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