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Ranger uranium mine’ s salty leak into freshwater creek

Uranium mine caused abnormal salt levels in Kakadu creek – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  12 June 2010, The company that operates the Ranger uranium mine has confirmed higher-than-normal salt levels in a creek in Kakadu National Park is a result of its operations.Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) has investigated two salinity spikes in Magela Creek downstream of the mine in April.Chief executive Rob Atkinson says run-off water from the mine had flowed into the creek….

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Global subsidy to fossil fuels – about $600 billion

Just how much do governments spend on fossil fuels anyway? Thanks to a new report by IEA, , we now know the number is $557 billion worldwide as of 2008.

Time to come clean on energy subsidies? Renewable Energy World, Elisa WoodJune 11, 20100Time to come clean on energy subsidies? What you don’t know will hurt you. That’s the message in Michael Lewis’ new book, “The Big Short,” which traces today’s worldwide economic downturn to a single problem: the secretive nature of prices in the subprime mortgage bond markets.

What’s this got to do with energy? Our industry has its own opaque corners that can cause widespread damage. This week the International Energy Agency (IEA) is attempting to focus light on a big one: energy subsides for fossil fuels. Continue reading

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