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Australia’s Climate Change Minister not strong on Climate Change action on coal power

Federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said the Gillard government was not focused on committing taxpayers’ money to the Brumby government’s goal of closing a quarter of the Hazelwood coal-fired power plant within four years….Mr Combet said Victoria’s climate policy was ”very strong” but the federal government had different priorities.

Federal funding unlikely for state’s Hazelwood coal-reduction proposal, The Age, Adam Morton and Tom Arup, October 13, 2010 THE federal government has cast doubt over Victoria’s request for hundreds of millions of dollars to start closing Australia’s ”dirtiest” power station, Continue reading

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Protest Oct 10 against coal, for renewables

Protesters will also call for a “just transition” away from coal for workers in the industry …[meaning that coal workers] would be guaranteed “green jobs”, through the development of renewable energy and energy-efficiency manufacturing facilities.

Protest to target Hazelwood, Green Left Weekly, September 18, 2010 By Chris Peterson, Melbourne, On October 10, climate activists will converge on the Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley in eastern Victoria. They will use mirrors to try to create Victoria’s “first solar thermal power” station at the Hazelwood gate, to show solar is a viable alternative……….. Continue reading

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Just a step to the Right – Australia’s new govt on environment

It’s a bit of a worry. No Education Ministry for Australia -( it’s as if education is just about training kids for jobs – not about an informed, creative minded society in all age groups). As for Environment, – tucked away in a new portfolio (Sustainable Population, Communities, Environment and Water) under Tony Burke.  He could be good – we don’t yet know.

Meanwhile, higher in the Ministerial food chain, are Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy and  Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Combet was a coal engineer, degrees in mining engineering and economics.

Lurking in the wings, Bill Shorten, Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation,  a leader of the putsch that elevated Julia Gillard, and an ardent pro-nuclear advocate. – Christina Macpherson

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Greg Combet, Australia’s new Climate Minister keen on coal

how we can achieve in the longer term things like carbon capture and storage for coal-fired power stations.”

New Australia climate minister backs coal –     Sept 13 (Reuters) – Australia’s new climate change minister, Greg Combet, believes the country’s coal sector has a future under government policies, .. Continue reading

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Urgent need for 100% renewables to replace Hazelwood

Replace Hazelwood with 100% renewable energy Otway Ranges Climate Action (ORCA),  6/7/2010, The undersigned groups and individual climate campaigners support an inclusivecampaign to urgently Replace Hazelwood with 100% renewable energy, including baseload solar thermal energy (as presented in the Beyond Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon Australia 2020 report).
The undersigned:

* strongly support the Replace Hazelwood campaign;
* support using renewable energy sources and increased efficiency to replace 100% of energy currently supplied by Hazelwood;
* particularly support the use of proven baseload Solar Thermal technology; and
* reject the use of fossil gas as an alternative fossil fuel…………

» Replace Hazelwood with 100% renewable energy Otway Ranges Climate Action (ORCA)

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Global subsidy to fossil fuels – about $600 billion

Just how much do governments spend on fossil fuels anyway? Thanks to a new report by IEA, , we now know the number is $557 billion worldwide as of 2008.

Time to come clean on energy subsidies? Renewable Energy World, Elisa WoodJune 11, 20100Time to come clean on energy subsidies? What you don’t know will hurt you. That’s the message in Michael Lewis’ new book, “The Big Short,” which traces today’s worldwide economic downturn to a single problem: the secretive nature of prices in the subprime mortgage bond markets.

What’s this got to do with energy? Our industry has its own opaque corners that can cause widespread damage. This week the International Energy Agency (IEA) is attempting to focus light on a big one: energy subsides for fossil fuels. Continue reading

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Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, people stack Australia’s New Renewable Energy Centre

Members of the interim board for the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy include:
Graeme Hunt (Chair) – formerly in charge of BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam expansion;
• Prof Mary O’Kane – former Vice Chancellor of Adelaide University;
John Ryan – awarded the public service medal for his work on the PM’s Task Force into Development of Uranium Mining and Nuclear Energy in Australia;
Emma Stein – has served on the boards of energy, oil and gas utilities;
• Dr John Wright – CSIRO Energy Transformed;
Other members without clear relevant expertise in renewable energy development.

Centre for Renewable Energy welcome, but Greens amendments would have improved it | Greens MPs

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Australia’s Renewable Energy Centre designed to fail

“You could almost say (the centre) was designed to fail.”

Greens slam new renewable energy body, Sydney Morning Herald, March 10, 2010 The Australian Greens have slammed a new body designed to develop renewable energy in Australia.Greens’ senator Christine Milne told parliament the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy was not independent, transparent or adequately qualified to carry out its duties Continue reading

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Australian govts not promoting solar power industry

the government is clearly more focused on supporting “clean coal” technology in order to protect coal and gas exports.

New French owner committed to Ausra’s solar plans | The Courier-Mail Kerrie Sinclair 14 Feb 2010 While European solar plant companies look to expand into Asia, Australian peers struggle. Continue reading

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