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Was nuclear salesman Paul Howes behind Julia Gillard’s rise?

(I hope this is not true – Christina Macpherson)

The Left, the Right and union heavies; Julia’s rise to the top, 24 June 2010, ”       The shocking idea that a 28-old-year-old right-wing unionist in the form of Howes can put the wheels in motion to dump the nation’s leader, even if acting as cover for Rudd-rival Shorten, has left the Victorian Left incredulous……..Howes won’t escape scrutiny for his role either.

“This was a loathsome performance … what the hell is Paul Howes doing instructing the caucus?,” one senior Victorian left faction source told Crikey this morning.

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Julia Gillard – an unknown quantity on nuclear issues?

Writing as the uninformed peasant that I am, I pose the question: “what can we expect from Prime Minister Julia Gillard.?”

I understand that Gillard is supposed to be a member of the “left wing” faction, but that her cause has been promoted by the “right wing”

What does it all mean?  As Kevin Rudd vacates the throne, I am reminded of Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tale ” Always keep a hold of Nurse, for fear of finding something worse”.

Not perfect, but better: why we’re going for Gillard. « The Green Hat, 24 June 2010, What policies does she support for forestry in Tasmania, management of the Murray-Darling Basin, subsidising renewable energy and nuclear power, increasing high-density livingNot perfect, but better: why we’re going for Gillard. « The Green Hat

“…….February 25, 2007 .…….Earlier that day, deputy ALP leader Julia Gillard told the Ten Network that she supported ALP leader Kevin Rudd’s push to dump the ‘no new mines policy”, arguing that an expansion of uranium mining would bring “economic prosperity” to South Australia in particular. Uranium: Leave it in the ground! | Green Left Weekly

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Renewable energy the right mix for South East Asia

Greenpeace urge SE Asian to invest in renewable energy, 23 June 2010, “……Greenpeace International senior energy expert Sven Teske explained in his report, Energy (R)evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook, that if the Southeast Asian nations will engage in producing renewable energy from the sources he mentioned, it would bring almost 100 percent boost in their economy by 2050 as it would certainly generate 700,000 jobs and 30 percent more jobs up until by 2020. Continue reading

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Uranium company director Ken Talbot and Arkaroola corruption charges

The death of Ken Talbot in an airplane crash puts a stop to  the legal proceedings that have been ongoing over corruption charges, and the murky history of uranium miner Marathon resources.

The charges concerned $300,000 allegedly paid by Talbot to Nuttall while Nuttall was a Minister of the Crown. Nuttall was sentenced in July this year to seven year’s jail…………

Arkaroola uranium hunter on bribery charges, The Independent Weekly, HENDRIK GOUT17 Oct, 2009 The owner and director of the largest shareholder in the company which the state government allows to explore the Arkaroola wilderness for uranium, Marathon Resources, is awaiting trial on charges of having bribed a government minister.

Ken Talbot of Talbot Group Investments Pty Ltd is accused of corruptly making payments to Gordon Nuttall, then a Labor minister in the Queensland Government…………In December 2008, Gordon Nuttall and Ken Talbot were committed to stand trial on 35 corruption charges. Continue reading

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China moving to be world’s renewable energy leader

China’s Green Energy Programs, and More, CRS, Secrecy News, June 23rd, 2010 by Steven Aftergood One thing that is even more impressive than China’s nuclear history is its emerging green energy future. “China has set ambitious targets for developing its… renewable energy resources with a major push of laws, policies and incentives in the last few years,” according to a new report (pdf) from the Congressional Research Service. Continue reading

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Australia well placed to be hub of renewable energy export industry

Could Australia be the hub of a renewable energy export industry powering the homes, industry and electric car fleets of our region? In fact, our proportion of the global renewable energy resource is much higher than it is for coal.

Do renewable energy by the numbers, and it all adds up, Sydney Morning Herald,  MIKE SANDIFORD June 24, 2010 “………..Geographically dispersed production – spreading out renewable energy farms so as not to rely on weather conditions in one area – is one way to improve energy stability and security. And our nation-continent, stretching across climate and time zones, appears ready-made for that.

Two new studies published by the Melbourne Energy Institute look at just these issues. Continue reading

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Surfers against nuclear power

The message is clear from the surf community in Jeffreys Bay and is supported by surfers from all over the world. Don’t build a Nuke at Thuyspunt.

(South Africa) 23 June 2010, The Jeffreys Bay surf community came out in full support of the Supertubes Surfing Foundation’s call to prevent the building of a nuclear power station at nearby Thuyspunt. Continue reading

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