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Alice Springs – solar energy centre

These projects will demonstrate large-scale renewable energy technologies, including a variety of cutting edge solar photovoltaic concentrator [pictured] and solar thermal technologies.

CPV in Australia’s Red Centre A town called Alice: How CPV is springing up in Australia. Renewable Energy World, by Brian Elmer July 27, 2010 London — Located in the arid desert region in the heart of Australia, the small town of Alice Springs, with a population of 28,000 is normally best known as the jump off point for one of Australia’s best known natural icons, Uluru…….. Over the last few years though, Alice Springs has been attracting attention for another reason, its development of world-leading expertise in its use of one of the region’s other natural and abundant resources – solar energy.

Indeed, the central Australian region receives more sunlight than any other region in Australia, with over 7 kWh/m2/day of incident radiation, Continue reading

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Detailed report on Europe’s Renewable Energy Policy

The report provides trends and information on renewable energy policies in Europe and analyzes some of the driving forces for the renewable energy sector

Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2010, GlobalData ReportStore,  Jul-2010

GlobalData’s new report “Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2010” provides an in-depth analysis of the renewable policy initiatives in the European Union (EU) and the key countries in terms of strength of policy implementation. Continue reading

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Bendigo calls on Australian Govt for Solar Energy

Bendigo energy push, 28 Jun, 2010 Bendigo Advertiser, THE Bendigo Sustainability Group is calling on the federal government to look at a new renewable energy resource for Central Victoria that could be a first for Australia…… Continue reading

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Renewable energy the right mix for South East Asia

Greenpeace urge SE Asian to invest in renewable energy, 23 June 2010, “……Greenpeace International senior energy expert Sven Teske explained in his report, Energy (R)evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook, that if the Southeast Asian nations will engage in producing renewable energy from the sources he mentioned, it would bring almost 100 percent boost in their economy by 2050 as it would certainly generate 700,000 jobs and 30 percent more jobs up until by 2020. Continue reading

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Greens and Liberal Senators push for Solar and Wind Power

Solar, wind power may meet 2020 energy use, Sydney Morning Herald, TOM ARUP, June 22, 2010 A MASSIVE introduction of solar-thermal power plants and wind farms would allow Australia to generate all its energy needs from renewable technologies by 2020, research shows.The report, to be announced today by the retiring Liberal Victorian senator Judith Troeth, the Greens senator Christine Milne and the Independent Nick Xenophon, finds a 100 per cent renewable plan by 2020 would cost $37 billion a year, in public and private money – or 3 per cent of Gross Domestic Product. Continue reading

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Smart grid – Australia’s opportunity to develop efficient renewable energy

Australia going smart-grid | Green Tech – CNET News, by Candace Lombard, 9 June 2010, Newcastle, in the state of New South Wales, will be the first Australian city to move onto a smart grid in what the government says could be a nationwide change……. Continue reading

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Australian city to lead in smart-grid renewable energy

help households save energy, connect renewable energy to the grid and tackle climate change.

$100m ‘green city’ trial in Newcastle, Kidsolo’s Newspaper , 8 June 2010, Newcastle is about to become the nation’s greenest city and is about to undergo one of its biggest transformations yet.  A consortium led by EnergyAustralia won the federal government’s $100 million Smart Grid, Smart City bid yesterday. Newcastle will soon be the heart of Australia’s first commercial-scale smart grid. Continue reading

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USA’s western electricity grid ready now for solar, wind power, transmission

Should these utilities succeed in coordinating their efforts and realize even 27 percent wind and solar power, they would cut carbon emissions by 25 to 45 percent. It would also lessen fuel and emissions costs by 40 percent, depending on the future prices of natural gas.

Western States Could Reach 35% Renewable Power by 2017, The Energy Collective, by Taylen Peterson on 05/24/2010 , The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) says the western US electric grid could harness up to 35 percent of its energy from wind and solar power within seven years — and without any major upgrades to the existing electric network.  Continue reading

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100% electricity from renewables technically possible

Australia Group Rolls Out Plan for 100% Renewable Energy by 2020’There Are No Technological Impediments’ solve climate, by Stacy Feldman – Feb 22nd, 2010
A report to be released in the first half of this year finds that Australia can use solar and wind power to produce 100 percent of its electricity in 10 years using technologies that are available now. Continue reading

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Australia missing the bus on renewable energy

the opportunities for jobs, export earnings, energy security and zero-emissions electricity on offer in the renewable sector. Failure to act means Australians will remain stuck in the coal pit while the world prospers from the renewable energy boom.

Australia blown away on renewable energy Sydney Morning Herald MATTHEW WRIGHT February 3, 2010

RENEWABLE energy is the world’s fastest-growing power source. It is already generating baseload electricity at utility scales. Large solar thermal plants with heat storage can dispatch power whether or not the sun is shining, and make handsome profits during demand peaks. Wind power is being installed at scales that dwarf Australian grid requirements. These and other clean-energy technologies are replacing coal on modern energy grids.

Continue reading

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