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BHP, Rio Tinto, aim for rampant ripoff of Australia’s resources

Christina Macpherson 29 June 2010, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto etc paid  lip service to Australia’s new Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in temporarily closing their multi-million dollar advertising campaign against the Australian Government’s proposed super profit resources tax.

They might now be back in force – because it’s no holds barred in the corporate mining world.

Do Australians realise that many responsible national bodies, and some international ones, such as the International Monetary Fund, see this resources tax as necessary and fair for Australians now and in the future?

It’s not an idea that’s unique to Australia. Similar taxes are now in existence in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Chile,  – Venezuela and Mongolia have gone further. Germany is introducing a uranium fuel tax.  Perhaps the days of mining corporations’ rampant ripoff of national resources are coming to an end

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No nuclear waste dump for uranium baron South Australia

with past scientific assessment declaring Woomera in South Australia as the best option, Premier Mike Rann was quickly on the defensive, saying a nuclear waste dump would jeopardise his state’s clean, green reputation.

“We took the Howard government to the High Court to stop the nation’s nuclear waste dump being set up in this state.

Arguments flare again over nuke waste dump,  David Nason , The Australian ,  June 29, 2010 JULIA Gillard’s rise to Prime Minister has sparked a new debate over where to locate a nuclear waste dump. Continue reading

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Water scarcity an increasing problem for nuclear industry

what, in particular, does this mean for the nation’s fleet of nuclear power plants?

Drought and heat waves in the United States and other countries have highlighted one of nuclear power’s most intractable vulnerabilities: water scarcity.

(USA) Water Scarcity: Nuclear Power’s Achilles’ Heel, THE HUFFINGTON POST Kyle Rabin:  June 28, 2010, Scientists, researchers and other experts warn that the United States is entering an era of water scarcity.

Back in 2003, the US General Accounting Office (now known as the US Government Accountability Office or GAO) projected that 36 states, under normal conditions, could face water shortages by 2013. However, those shortages were realized in 2008 — five years sooner than predicted. Current forecasts suggest that climate change will only exacerbate the challenges of managing and protecting water resources. Continue reading

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