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Cane Toads a metaphor for uranium nuclear Australia?

Warmer Is Better: Invasive Cane Toads Set to Thrive Under Global Warming  ScienceDaily (July 1, 2010) — As global warming threatens many animal species with extinction, the already destructive cane toad is set to flourish with increasing temperature, say Australian scientists. “The negative effect of high temperature does not operate in Cane Toads, meaning that toads will do very well with human induced global warming,” explains Professor Frank Seebacher from the University of Sydney.
Unlike fish and other cold-blooded creatures, whose oxygen transport system suffers at high temperatures, the cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) of Cane Toads performs more efficiently……..
the efficiency of the oxygen transport system in the Cane Toad increased with increasing temperature, showing not only an ability to function over a broad thermal range but remarkably, a preference for higher temperatures.

Warmer is better: Invasive cane toads set to thrive under global warming

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