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Nuclear power is no answer to Climate Change

Time is running out for the expensive, dangerous, dirty, nuclear power industry. The nuclear lobby’s desperate propaganda is that the industry is clean, and is a solution to global warming. That is a lie.

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BHP and Olympic Dam uranium mining – beyond the laws

BHP Billiton’s power in Australia seems to grow daily.

BHP , Rio Tinto, Xstrata showed their power by intimidating Julia Gillard with the threat of renewing their $100 million advertising campaign.  She had to act fast – hence the new,  watered-down Resources Rent Tax.

Exempted from Australia’s planned new Resources Rent Tax, and with BHP people in its policy-making, along with their lackey, Martin Ferguson, BHP adds to its  achievements in being beyond both Federal and State laws.

Water: In South Australia, BHP’s Olympic Dam uranium mining  gets 37 million litres of water daily completely free of charge

SA Roxby Downs Indenture Act  . This legislation allows the mine to operate with wide-ranging exemptions from:

Aboriginal Heritage Protection Act

Environment Protection Act

Natural Resources Act

Freedom of Information Act

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Nuclear salesmen to run Australia’s new Resources Rent Tax

BHP Billiton and the uranium lobby are getting ever more powerful in policy-making in Australia.

Julia Gillard’s new Resources Rent Tax will be organsed by two top nuclear salesmen –  Don Argus (from BHP BIlliton) and Nuclear Industry Minister Martin Ferguson.

Australia’s top science research body has strong links to BHP, and a chairman, Simon McKeon, who is a climate change doubter.

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No Resource Rent Tax for Olympic Dam uranium mine

Done deal for Rann as Olympic Dam emerges unscathed ,  David Nason  : The Australian * July 03, 2010 THE compromise mining tax won’t wring a single extra cent from the country’s biggest proposed mining project in South Australia. BHP Billiton’s $20 billion-plus Olympic Dam expansion in South Australia is exempt from the new tax, Continue reading

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BHP, Climate Doubters, involved now in Australia’s CSIRO

A poor climate for debate at CSIRO, The Age, Paddy Manning, July 3, 2010 QUESTIONS are being raised about the closeness of BHP Billiton and the CSIRO under chief executive Megan Clark. A former technology vice president at BHP, Clark was appointed in late 2008 ……. there is concern about the imbalance in research funding at CSIRO, particularly in responses to climate change. Continue reading

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Nuclear Lobby’s anti wind power line – Australian Landscape Guardians

The template for the Australian chapter of the landscape guardians is the British Coastal Guardians, an anti-wind power organisation run by climate change sceptics with strong links to the nuclear energy industry.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, The Age, ADAM MORTON, July 3, 2010 “…….Wind farm opponents also paid for advertisements in the weekly Pyrenees Advocate warning of ”Waubra disease”, an illness said to include symptoms of sleep disturbance, nausea, headaches and increased heart rate that could be ”coming to a house, farm or school near you”.

No evidence was given to back the claims, but the advertisements heightened concerns in the local community Continue reading

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Victorian Liberal Party opposes wind farms

Wind farm policy is one of the few clear-cut differences between the major parties, and shapes as a significant issue in some regional seats at the November election.

“……….Under a policy released last month, Mr Baillieu announced that turbines would be banned along most of the coast, several mountain ranges, in or near national and state parks and designated regional population growth corridors and within two kilometres of any home unless a contract was signed with the owner. Continue reading

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Wind turbines not harmful to health

No evidence that wind turbines make people sick Herald Sun: AAP * July 02, 2010 THERE is no evidence that wind turbines can make people who live nearby sick, Australia’s peak health body has concluded following a scientific review. Continue reading

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Cane Toads a metaphor for uranium nuclear Australia?

Warmer Is Better: Invasive Cane Toads Set to Thrive Under Global Warming  ScienceDaily (July 1, 2010) — As global warming threatens many animal species with extinction, the already destructive cane toad is set to flourish with increasing temperature, say Australian scientists. Continue reading

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Visual guide to Zero Carbon Australia

The Oil Drum: Australia/New Zealand | Zero Carbon Australia by Phil Hart on July 2, 2010 The Oil Drum: “…..key graphics and information from the synopsis report by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE). Note also the launch of the full report in Melbourne on 14th July.

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Energy efficiency, gas and renewables, could replace coal power

The grimy valley struggles on, Reportage Enviro, 2 July 2010 Jenny Jägerhorn “………………….The brown-coal-fired generation plants in the valley account for 85 per cent of Victoria’s greenhouse contributions. Hazelwood power station produces up to 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which is almost 15 percent of Victoria’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, and 3 percent of Australia’s total carbon emissions. Continue reading

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