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Wind turbines not harmful to health

No evidence that wind turbines make people sick Herald Sun: AAP * July 02, 2010 THERE is no evidence that wind turbines can make people who live nearby sick, Australia’s peak health body has concluded following a scientific review. The National Health and Medical Research Council has assessed the common complaints levelled at the wind-powered energy sector, chiefly that its turbines also generate “infrasound” that can make wind farm neighbours feel ill.”While the range of effects such as annoyance, anxiety, hearing loss and interference with sleep, speech and learning have been reported anecdotally,” the council said.”. . . there is no published scientific evidence to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects.”
The council said a recent US study into wind turbines and infrasound – sound that was “generally inaudible to the human ear” – found no evidence that it could impact on the physical health of those living nearby.
This was backed by a study focused on three UK-based wind farms, it said, while the World Health Organisation also took the view that there was no evidence of a health impact.

The council said there was a mental impact on those who “perceived infrasound” and this was “annoyance”…….

The statement was welcomed by Clean Energy Council, peak body for the nation’s renewable energy generators.

“There have been claims over the last couple of years from opponents of wind farms that noise and other factors associated with wind turbines can make people sick,” the council’s policy director Russell Marsh said.

He said more than 100,000 wind turbines had been installed across 80 countries in the past 30 years, and yet there remained “no credible evidence that wind turbines have a direct effect on people’s health”. No evidence wind turbines do not make people sick | Herald Sun

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