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What Australia’s nuclear company Silex Systems doesn’t tell you

Silex Systems jumps on the Climate Change bandwagon – presumably to draw in investors.  In fact, solar energy is but a small fraction of their basically nuclear business.  But – as the nuclear power industry languishes – well – a bit of solar can make you look good, for the moment.

What they don’t tell you is that while their nuclear laser technology awaits licensing, there are serious safety concerns about this technology. It will make the  uranium enrichment  process a lot faster and easier, but also easier to convert, without detection into nuclear weapons material. hence the Silex Systems laser uranium enrichment process is seen a s a nuclear weapons proliferation danger.

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Pro nuclear propaganda from Silex Systems

any investor who survived the tech boom and bust of the late 1990s would be wary of grandiose technology claims.

It is therefore mollifying that Silex’s local solar operations are also on a growth path, albeit with only a fraction of the nuclear side’s dazzling (?) potential…….

RBS Morgans analyst Scott Power says solar accounts for less than 10 per cent of the firm’s Silex valuation.

Silex  Systems opts for solar exposure  Tim Boreham  : The Australian * July 17, 2010 WITH the climate-change debate winding its way back on the political agenda, the Lucas Heights-based Silex Systems is hedging its bets. Continue reading

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Australian champion surfer joins African anti nuclear protest

“The out-of-sight, out-of-mind attitude must stop now,” said Australia’s Mick Fanning, a former world surfing champion and a top contender this year on the ASP World Tour.

Surfers in South Africa to march against nuclear project,  Outdoors, action and adventure,  Pete Thomas Jul 16, 2010 Some of the world’s top pro surfers will participate in a protest march Saturday against the proposed construction in South Africa of a nuclear power station that threatens to jeopardize some of the region’s premier surf spots. Continue reading

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Free DVD on uranium mining danger to Australia’s workers

“When the dust settles” – a David Bradbury film If anyone wants a free copy of the dvd, all they have to do  is send  $5 bucks (postage costs) in an envelope to
PO Box 1250 Mullumbimby
NSW 2482 for a copy.
Or they they can go online and check it out for free (less quality) on youtube

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Climate Report Card – Australian politics

The Pollute-o-meter awarded the Greens four stars out of five, and found their policies could cut emissions by 26 per cent by 2020. The Greens want to put a price on carbon pollution.

Fails all round on climate report card, Herald Sun, 16/07/2010 With climate change shaping as a key election issue, both major parties have scored a fail from experts. Continue reading

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A solar investment success story

A 50% reduction in gas costs and 70% reduction in energy costs. Better yet, he was then able to begin selling the extra power back to the electricity grid, as well as renewable energy credits to investors, who lend money to renewable energy projects.

(USA) Solar Power Success Story: Yearly Return & Low Energy Costs, CalFinder, 16 july 2010, Source: Portland Press Herald, When Jim Camasto had money to spare a few years back, he made a wise decision to invest in something other than the stock market: solar power. Today, this decision yields him a 3 to 4% yearly return and security that other investments just don’t offer. Continue reading

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With federal support, South Australia could be wind energy hub

a simple federal regulatory change would unlock billions of dollars in investment to expand infrastructure capacity and deliver large volumes of green SA power across the border to the eastern states.

SA wind can power nation, The Advertiser, 15 July 2010, Australia has the capacity to become the nation’s green-energy engine room, because of its potential for wind power projects, experts say. An economic feasibility study by a Macquarie Capital-led consortium shows SA could almost double its energy-generation capacity through expansion of wind power alone – and sell the excess to the eastern states. Continue reading

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Northern Territory’s increased rainfall pattern hampering uranium mining

unstable pit wall conditions and the high rainfall level are considered to be the major factors affecting the decline of production volumes by the ERA.

Rainfalls hamper Uranium mine efficiency in Australia | Seer Press, 16 July 2010, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) admits the high rainfall levels coupled with a slip of a pit wall have significantly hampered their production capacity Continue reading

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Germany to get euro billions from nuclear fuel tax

Revenue from the tax would help Germany cut its budget deficit and finance the clean-up of its repositories for nuclear waste.

German nuclear tax to raise 2.3 bln eur-draft law  BERLIN, July 15 (Reuters) – The proposed German tax on nuclear power station operators would likely raise 2.3 billion euros annually between 2011 and 2014, a finance ministry draft law obtained by Reuters said.Nuclear power station operators will face a levy of 220 euros per gramme of nuclear fuel (uranium or plutonium)…… Continue reading

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Australia dithers, missing the tide on renewable energy investment

PriceWaterhouseCoopers’s Andrew Peterson says the delay in setting a carbon price has created wide uncertainty about the investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Finding the funds for clean, green energy – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Andrew O’Connor,  16 July 2010, Carnegie Wave Energy believes its undersea wave power technology is one of the keys to Australia’s clean, green energy future. But lingering uncertainty over the nation’s climate change policy means the WA-based company is increasingly reliant on financial support from foreign investors. Continue reading

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Iranian nuclear scientist might have been double agent

Was Iranian Nuclear Scientist a Double Agent? | The Atlantic Wire, By Max Fisher  July 15, 2010, Alleged Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri has returned to Iran after 13 months in the U.S. It’s still unclear what happened during his stay and why he returned home. We may never know the full truth, but several new reports point to the possibility that he was an Iranian double agent all along. Under this theory, Amiri would have faked his defection to the U.S. (or allowed himself to be abducted, depending on whose story you believe), where he either fed the U.S. false information or acquired information to send back to Iran or both. Here’s what we know……. Was Iranian Nuclear Scientist a Double Agent? | The Atlantic Wire

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