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Young Australians want action on Climate Change

As both major political parties dilly around, mouthing comforting statements about Climate Change, young people are turning to the Greens and Independents for any kind of sensible approach on Climate Change.

It is their future. One wonders about the baby boomer mining executives who put Julia Gillard into the role of prime Minister.  One wonders about the baby boomer journalists, toeing the fossil fuel lobby’s line on Climate Scepticism.

Do they actually give  a damn about their children and grandchildren?

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Stop BHP’s expansion of Olympic Dam Uranium Mine

Zane Alcorn, said their purpose was to highlight the catastrophic effects the mine and its planned expansion would have on traditional owners, their land and future generations…..tens of thousands of gigalitres of water per day is being sucked out of the Artesian Basin on Arabunna land to service the mine,”

Protesters gather at mine site, Sydney Morning Herald, July 16, 2010 An anti-nuclear protester has chained himself to a four-wheel-drive blocking the road to BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia’s far north. Continue reading

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Deregulation of nuclear reactors increases risk of catastrophe

Federal lawmakers are weighing a BP-type deregulation of new nuclear reactors — the one energy source in which damage from a major accident could dwarf harm done by a ruptured offshore oil well.

Lessons from the Gulf for nuclear reactors – The Hill, By Dr. Jeffery Patterson,  07/16/10 One crucial lesson from the BP oil spill is that measures to speed licensing, cut corners on safety and undermine regulation can lead to tragic consequences. Yet Congress appears on the verge of repeating mistakes that led to the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf. Continue reading

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