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Australia’s Greens tell it like it is on Uranium, Nuclear Industry

“Recently we have been hearing a lot about ‘surging uranium prices’ and a ‘global nuclear renaissance’ but you only need to chart uranium miners’ share prices and the world uranium price to see the reality is strangely at odds with the hype,” Senator Ludlam said……..”Worldwide, the global civil nuclear industry is in serious trouble and nuclear weapons disarmament negotiations are suppressing world uranium prices.

Greens step up anti-uranium mining campaign, 21st July 2010, Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will deliver a straightforward message to uranium miners and investors at the Australian Uranium Summit in Fremantle today

“The industry remains unsafe, unwanted and uneconomic. Pursuing investments in this least sustainable of industries will end in tears,” Senator Ludlam said. Continue reading

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Bob Brown will back Labor or Liberal Climate Bills

Asked if he would block a climate change package without a price on carbon, Senator Brown said: “Goodness, no. We’re advocating renewable energy. “We’re advocating energy efficiency and we’ll negotiate. “We’re in there for better outcomes. But it will be remiss of both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott if they don’t get a carbon price.”

Brown promises climate backing,  Sid Maher, Patricia Karvelas  The Australian  July 21, 2010

BOB Brown .. said he would pass climate bills from both parties even if they had no price on carbon.

The Greens leader, campaigning in Adelaide yesterday, also intensified his attack on the mining industry, saying his party wanted uranium mining at the South Australian behemoth Roxby Downs stopped. Continue reading

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European Union looking to over 1 million renewable energy jobs

The biggest growth is anticipated to come from job creation in the consumer and small business sectors as homeowners focus on green lifestyles in order to enhance home energy efficiency, health, comfort and sustainability.

Green Jobs and Renewable Energy, ECOINSTITUTION,  July 20, 2010 by davidhoward Renewable energy industry has proven its potential to create jobs. Under current policies, the European Union could create sizeable number of jobs: 950,000 direct and indirect full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs and increase to 1.4 million in the next decade. Continue reading

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International plea to save Arkaroola wilderness from uranium mining

the region could take centuries to recover from any mining…..

Arkaroola wilderness bid for UN recognition, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 20 July 2010, A bid has been made for Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary to be given United Nations recognition as an international geopark.

The sanctuary operators have been fighting to protect the Arkaroola area of the northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia from mining. Continue reading

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Detailed report on Europe’s Renewable Energy Policy

The report provides trends and information on renewable energy policies in Europe and analyzes some of the driving forces for the renewable energy sector

Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2010, GlobalData ReportStore,  Jul-2010

GlobalData’s new report “Europe Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2010” provides an in-depth analysis of the renewable policy initiatives in the European Union (EU) and the key countries in terms of strength of policy implementation. Continue reading

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