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Uranium and nuclear news under the radar in Australia

I do aim to post significant international news here. But – so much uranium and nuclear stuff is going on without media mention, here  in Australia.  Today we have two courageous Aboriginals –  Michael Anderson, and Jeffrey Lee, standing up for their people and for Country, against the uranium industry.

The USA and Australia are soon to ratify a new nuclear agreement, – yet we Australians HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD ABOUT THIS.

Tony Abbott’s telling Catholic schoolkids how all we need to do is follow USA’s lead on selling uranium to India (never mind about the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty)

Anyway, I’ve had to confine myself today to mentioning the frightening events in Russia, where a very little amount of news is getting out about the wildfires around the nuclear facilities near Moscow, and the uncertain facts on radioactivity in smoke. Christina Macpherson 11 Aug 2010.

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