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Uranium and nuclear news under the radar in Australia

I do aim to post significant international news here. But – so much uranium and nuclear stuff is going on without media mention, here  in Australia.  Today we have two courageous Aboriginals –  Michael Anderson, and Jeffrey Lee, standing up for their people and for Country, against the uranium industry.

The USA and Australia are soon to ratify a new nuclear agreement, – yet we Australians HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD ABOUT THIS.

Tony Abbott’s telling Catholic schoolkids how all we need to do is follow USA’s lead on selling uranium to India (never mind about the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty)

Anyway, I’ve had to confine myself today to mentioning the frightening events in Russia, where a very little amount of news is getting out about the wildfires around the nuclear facilities near Moscow, and the uncertain facts on radioactivity in smoke. Christina Macpherson 11 Aug 2010.

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Aboriginal Senate candidate opposes nuclear industry

Michael Eckford (aka Anderson)  stands for the Senate on  a platform of developing a real balance between sustainable economic development and Caring for Country. He is uncompromising in his stand against the exploitation of Aboriginal people by the nuclear industry. ..Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

All Aboriginal agreements in relation to mining uranium in this country have not been be done with full free, prior and informed consent but rather by bribery and coercion.URANIUM MINING

  • Oppose existing uranium mines: Beverley, Roxby Downs (Olympic Dam) and Ranger.
  • Oppose new uranium mines
  • Oppose expansion of existing uranium mines
  • Oppose radioactive liquid waste dumping at Beverley and proposed in-situ leach uranium mines.
  • Oppose uranium mining at Jabiluka………………Nuclear Free | Michael Eckford Euahlayi Nation

See for the nuclear policies of the other political parties.

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Modern Aboriginal farmer stands for Australia’s Senate

Today Michael Eckford aka Anderson launched his Senate campaign in NSW on the United Nations International Day for the World’s Indigenous People’s.

“I am standing for the Senate in NSW because I believe that Australia needs to find a New Way and free itself from being the last outpost of British colonialism. It’s long overdue for a strong Black voice to come forward and stand up for Environmental and Social Justice.”

Mr Eckford, a long-term Aboriginal and Human Rights activist, is a sheep and cattle grazing farmer on his traditional lands in northwest NSW. Continue reading

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Nuclear AREVA’s uranium $billions, or Koongarra’s environmental richness?

AREVA is currently seeking legal advice…..Jeffery Lee is the senior custodian of the land and the sole member of the Djok Clan. He feels that the land would be better off with the National Park than with the uranium mining company

Koongarra May Become ‘Off Limits’ for Uranium Mining By Joel Scanlon  11 August 2010, French multinational and industrial conglomerate AREVA might want to explore the Koongarra area of Northern Territory in Australia for uranium, but if the sole Aboriginal owner has his way the land would soon be part of the Kakadu National Park.

Uranium mining would then be banned in the wetlands Continue reading

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Two soldiers killed fighting wildfires around Russia’s nuclear sites

..Two members of the Russian armed forces were killed Monday fighting wildfires around the major nuclear research centre in Sarov, a town still closed to foreigners as in Soviet times.

Russia battles to defend nuclear sites from fires, Google hosted news, By Stuart Williams (AFP) – 11 Aug 2010, MOSCOW — Russia fought a deadly battle Tuesday to prevent wildfires from engulfing key nuclear sites as alarm mounted over the impact on health of a toxic smoke cloud shrouded over Moscow. Continue reading

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Labor govt will back Aboriginal Jeffrey Lee against nuclear giant AREVA

if re-elected, Labor would accept Mr Lee’s offer to incorporate the 1228 hectares of environmentally sensitive land he owns into world heritage-listed Kakadu.The move would block plans by French nuclear energy giant Areva to extract 14,000 tonnes of uranium from its mineral leases in the area

Aboriginal custodian turns back on riches, The Age, LINDSAY MURDOCH, DARWIN, August 11, 2010 AN ABORIGINAL traditional owner who could have become one of Australia’s richest people if he had allowed uranium mining on his land near Kakadu National Park says he is not interested in money. Continue reading

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Nuclear deal between USA and Australia very quietly going ahead

President Obama transmitted the proposed text of the latest renewal agreement to Congress on May 5, 2010,……..If not opposed by a joint resolution of disapproval or other legislation, then the agreement will be considered approved at the end of this time period.

CRS  – U.S.-Australia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation: Issues for Congress, Docuticker 10 Aug 2010,  (PDF)Source: Congressional Research Service (via Secrecy News)

Australia and the United States have cooperated in the peaceful use of nuclear energy since the mid-1950s. The framework for this cooperation is a civilian nuclear cooperation agreement as required by section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act. President Obama transmitted the proposed text of the latest renewal agreement to Congress on May 5, 2010, Continue reading

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Australia’s Liberal and Labor parties’ backward Climate Change policies

In its report Australia’s Renewable Energy Future, released early this year, the Australian Academy of Science says Australia has the potential to replace coal with renewable energy for its baseload power supply, accelerating the nation’s advance to a low-carbon economy.

Fossilised approach to power, Cheryl Jones, The Australian,  August 11, 2010

BOTH Labor and Coalition policy on carbon trading will damage Australia’s emerging renewable energy industry, leading scientists have warned. Continue reading

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Sturt Highway to be Australia’s radioactive waste route?

Dr Jim Green says the Government is unlikely to favour a route through Queensland because it is impractical and communities through Dubbo and Broken Hill have previous expressed strong opposition.

Sturt Highway likely route for nuclear waste – ABC Western Plains NSW – Australian Broadcasting Corporation  11 Aug 2010, An anti-nuclear group claims the Sturt Highway is likely to be the route that will be used to shift radioactive waste if a proposed dump in the Northern Territory goes ahead. Continue reading

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Uranium gospel according to Abbott – copy USA!

Tony Abbott, Australia’s leader of the Opposition for the coming national election, spoke to schoolchildren yesterday, at a Catholic school on New South Wales. ( Quoted on ABC Radio’s PM) , Abbott said”  One of the best things that we could do to boost our relationship with India is sell them uranium. If it’s good enough for the Americans to sell them the uranium, it should be good enough for us.”

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Abbott govt would have BHP and Rio Tinto sell uranium to India

“Key beneficiaries of a coalition election win, and subsequent push for uranium exports to India, are likely to include Rio Tinto PLC and BHP Billiton Ltd. Rio Tinto owns 68% of Energy Resources of Australia Ltd., operator of the Ranger uranium mine in Northern Territory, while BHP owns the Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia.

Australia’s Opposition Would Export Uranium To India If Elected, Automated Trader, By Rachel Pannett Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRESSYDNEY 11 Aug 2010,Australia’s main opposition Liberal-National coalition of center-right parties said Tuesday it will open up uranium exports to India if it wins power in the federal election on Aug. 21…….. Continue reading

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