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Huge potential for ocean wave energy in Australia

Ocean Waves Can Power Australia’s Future, Scientists Say – ABC News, 18 Aug 2010, SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Waves crashing on to Australia’s southern shores each year contain enough energy to power the country three times over, scientists said on Tuesday in a study that underscores the scale of Australia’s green energy.

The research, in the latest issue of the journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, comes as the nation is struggling to wean itself of years of using cheap, polluting coal to power the economy and to put a price on carbon emissions.Oceanographers Mark Hemer and David Griffin from the state-funded research body the CSIRO looked at how wave energy propagates across the continental shelf and how much is lost. The aim was to build a picture of the amount of energy on an annual basis and how reliable that source is…..
there is still a fairly large resource for 90 percent of the time,” said Hemer. And this is crucial because some types of renewable energy, such as wind and solar panels, are limited because they can’t generate steady power 24 hours a day, unlike coal or gas.

Wave power has much greater potential to deliver steady power supplies, but connecting it to the grid in remote areas could be a problem.

………..There are three firms in Australia developing technologies, including Fremantle-based Carnegie Wave Energy, which has a system based on large buoys suspended just below the surface near the shore.Hemer and Griffin’s estimates are based on the amount of energy along the coast at 20 meters deep, since many emerging wave power systems are likely to be at that depth or less.

Ideal sites included Portland in Victoria and Albany in southern Western Australia because of easy grid connections. Ocean Waves Can Power Australia’s Future, Scientists Say – ABC News

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