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Feed-in tariffs, tax incentives needed to fire up Australia’s Big Solar

In Spain, Germany and Italy, feed-in tariffs have driven massive growth in big solar. In the United States, loan guarantees coupled with tax incentives and renewable energy targets have driven growth. Along with the exiting renewable energy target (RET), these incentives should be adopted by whoever wins the federal election to ensure Australia meets its solar potential.

CLIMATE SPECTATOR: Big solar’s big potential, Business Spectator. John Grimes, 16 Aug 2010 This week, the Australian Solar Energy Society joined the Australian Conservation Foundation in calling for an additional 5 per cent of Australia’s electricity to come from ‘big solar’ by 2020. Continue reading

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Huge potential for ocean wave energy in Australia

Ocean Waves Can Power Australia’s Future, Scientists Say – ABC News, 18 Aug 2010, SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Waves crashing on to Australia’s southern shores each year contain enough energy to power the country three times over, scientists said on Tuesday in a study that underscores the scale of Australia’s green energy. Continue reading

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Australia left behind in Climate Change action

Abbott doesn’t even accept that climate change is a problem, though there is no evidence he has attempted to understand the work of leading climate scientists.

Sorry state of play when China leaves us for dead on climate, Sydney Morning Herald, Adam Morton, August 18, 2010 tGillard believes and Abbott doesn’t – but neither will do anything anyway………A series of announcements over the past month underlines what Ross Garnaut has been saying for a while – that China is miles ahead of Australia on the path to a greener economy, and the gap is widening……….. Continue reading

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Review of the nuclear and climate week

Australian Opposition leader  Tony Abbott  informs  us that global warming, climate change, have “stopped’.

Australia’s pathetically irrelevant election campaign could make you laugh,  – or cry.

The Northern hemisphere has a record heatwave, Russia having 769 wildfires, 500 of which are in radiation trouble spots. As of August 16 wildfires stillsurrounded Russia’s top secret nuclear centre at Sarov.

In China, floods and huge mudslides occur, in Sichuan province – where China locates nuclear facilities and nuclear waste dumps.

What a week! and Australia’s media still prattles on about our  pathetic, insular political leaders, and their myopic policies.

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Long list of Labor and Liberal policy failures on nuclear issues

The government has failed to implement its policy of addressing radioactive waste management issues in a manner which is “scientific, transparent, accountable and fair”: Muckaty did not even make the short-list when scientific and environmental criteria informed a site-selection process in the 1990s.

Nuclear backflips and broken promises – On Line Opinion –   By Bill Williams and Jim Green 13 August 2010 The Medical Association for Prevention of War and Friends of the Earth have produced a “Choose Nuclear Free” policy scorecard and analysis ahead of the August 21 federal election. The two striking features of our analysis are the long list of broken promises and backflips by the Labor Government, and the unwillingness of the Opposition to oppose. Continue reading

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Russia silences information on radiation and wildfires

Shoigu also demanded that those who reported on the spread of radiation fro fires burning in contaminated areas be made known to authorities.  As a consequence, public information about fires in areas posing a potential radiation hazard were ripped down from government websites,

Russia emergency minister threatens to ‘deal with’ those spreading radiation ‘rumours’ about wildfires in contaminated areas NEW YORK/ST PETERSBURG Charles Digges, and Alexander Shurshev , 17 Aug 2010, Russian emergency officials have come up with a novel tool to smother the spate of heat wave caused wildfires that threaten to tear through radioactively contaminated forests and lands during the country’s hottest summer, releasing radiation: pull information about fires in radioactively contaminated areas and threaten punishment for those spreading “rumours.” Continue reading

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Greens refute Labor’s claim to lead on nuclear disarmament

the Greens said the federal government had failed to take decisive action on nuclear disarmament, pointing to its sanction of the exportation of uranium to Russia earlier this year.

Nuclear issues top of Labor’s agenda, Sydney Morning Herald, August 16, 2010 Nuclear disarmament will remain at the top of a re-elected Labor government’s foreign policy agenda, the federal party says…………. Continue reading

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Australia’s major political parties fail on nuclear waste dumping

“When you attempt to impose nuclear waste dumps on unwilling communities it’s very likely to backfire and the dump won’t be established because community opposition will prevail,”

Anti-nuclear alliance gives thumbs down to parties – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 17 Aug 2010, An alliance opposed to a nuclear industry in Australia says neither the Government nor the Opposition deserves to win the federal election.At a meeting of the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance in Alice Springs, traditional owners have raised renewed concerns about a proposal to house a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. Continue reading

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The reality of nuclear power decline and falling uranium market

during the past 10 years, only about two-thirds of worldwide demand for nuclear fuel was met from resources obtained from mining. The remaining 20,000 tonnes came from so-called secondary uranium sources – mainly inventories held by utilities and governments, reprocessed nuclear fuel, and stockpiles of depleted uranium……………

The reality of nuclear energy is inconsistent with dreams of a renaissance. Nuclear energy is not on the rise – the hard facts point to a continuing, slow phase-out around the world   Michael Dittmar,  16 August 2010

Repeatedly in recent years there have been calls for a revival of nuclear power. Yet that renaissance never seems to come. Continue reading

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South Australia could be renewable energy hub

According to the Greens South Australian Senate candidate Penny Wright, four potential wind energy projects on the Eyre Peninsula could more than double South Australia’s wind-sourced electricity generation capacity to 7500 megawatts if better transmission infrastructure were available.

Greens Envision South Australia As A Renewable Energy Exporter : Renewable Energy News, 16 AUGUST, 2010, The Australian Greens have proposed upgraded electricity transmission infrastructure across Australia that would see South Australia become a renewable energy exporter. Continue reading

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China to be in charge of Western Australian uranium mine

Australian Greens nuclear spokesman Scott Ludlam yesterday called for prompt Foreign Investment Review Board assessment of the proposed acquisition and canvassed the desirability of a broader Senate committee inquiry into China’s growing interest in Australian uranium and rare earths resources……

China set to control WA uranium miner,  The Canberra Times, BY PHILIP DORLING,  10 Aug, 2010 0 Nuclear armed China has moved to increase its stake in Australia’s uranium industry with a major Chinese state-owned enterprise set to take control of a Western Australian uranium exploration and mining company…… Continue reading

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