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Australia’s New Independent M.P. – nuclear trouble for Labor and Liberal

”Windsor maintains a strong stance against nuclear. “I said (before the election) if you want nuclear power to overcome some of the issues in the world, don’t vote for me,” he stressed…….

Windsor is optimistic – International Business TimesBy Yvette Lane | August 24, 2010 “…..Independent MP Tony Windsor of New South Wales remained confident about negotiations on who will form the government. Continue reading

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Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff – the key to thousands of jobs

If we look to those places where renewable energy JOBS are already employing tens of thousands of people, places such as nearly all of Europe and most of Asia; and did I mention Wisconsin?  Yes, Wisconsin….
That is the Feed-In Tariff.  It is the one item that is proven to make it all work.

(USA) Renewable energy can be the source of JOBS Review Messenger, By Richard Carter. 24 Aug 2010,  It’s certainly no secret, the economy needs JOBS, especially in rural Minnesota.There is a source of jobs which could help. Those JOBS come from renewable energy: solar electric, solar hot water, solar hot air, and wind. Continue reading

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Swing against Labor in NT due to Labor’s Aboriginal policy and nuclear waste dump plans

Mr Hampton said…….There’s obviously the issues … terms of the nuclear waste dump as well, so they’re federal issues……

Intervention cost Labor votes: NT minister – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Eleni Roussos, 24 Aug 2010, The Minister for Central Australia, Karl Hampton, says the federal intervention contributed to a swing against Labor in the Northern Territory. Continue reading

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New report on uranium mining’s danger to water supply

the risk of uranium mining to the Grand Canyon and Colorado River – the water supply for millions…….

(USA) Keep ban on Canyon uranium mines, THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, – Robert L. Arnberger, Aug. 24, 2010 Most of us are familiar with President Theodore Roosevelt’s oft-quoted statement upon visiting the Grand Canyon: “Leave it as it is . . . man can only mar it.” Continue reading

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