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Depleted uranium stolen in Australia

Depleted uranium and a substantial amount of chemicals and glassware were found at the shed…

Uranium stash claim,WHITNEY HARRIS  The Advertiser, 24 Aug, 2010 A Kangaroo Flat man accused of drug trafficking after a series of police raids turned up a stash of uranium will stand trial next year. Continue reading

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Uranium stolen in Eastern Europe

If the Uranium had been sold in the illegal market, it would have fetched the gang around $11 million.

3 Held Over Uranium Seizure In Moldova, RTT News, 8/24/2010 Moldovan authorities on Tuesday arrested three people in connection with the recovery of some two kilograms of a radio active material from the capital Chisinau, Continue reading

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Independent M.P. Bob Katter’s views on Murray River and nuclear power

Katter dismisses Murray plight | Adelaide Now, MARK KENNY , The Advertiser. August 24, 2010 OUTSPOKEN independent Queensland MP Bob Katter has angrily dismissed concerns over the future of the Murray-Darling Basin, yesterday saying the vital river system was smaller than “just one of my rivers”……

SA Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young insists the environmental party would hold out strongly for the river, regardless of which side formed government….

Among other Greens policies is a commitment to close all uranium mines in Australia which, if enacted, would shatter the viability of the giant Olympic Dam copper, gold and uranium mine.

Katter dismisses Murray plight | Adelaide Now

Rural people gain power – Weekly Times Now, 25 Aug 2010, “…….Mr Costar said Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott “seem to have Katter on a short leash” with regard to his plan for nuclear energy plants in Mt Isa …..

Rural people gain power – Weekly Times Now

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U.S. nuclear loans a BIG financial mistake

These kinds of advance payments are exactly the kind of financial shenanigans that brought the last nuclear-construction boom to an end, leaving utility ratepayers with billions of wasted dollars in costs.

Sorry, But Nukes Still Don’t Pencil Out, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Carl Pope, August 24, 2010Continue reading

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Australia’s economy needs new renewable energy industries, not fossil fuel ones

Relying on our fossil fuels for energy and future wealth is no longer a sensible option…Despite the claims of the fossil-fuel lobby, renewable energy can provide a vital new industry and energy source to power Australia’s economy day and night

Where’s the vision that will take us to a brave new world?, The Canberra Times, BY FIONA ARMSTRONG20 Aug, 2010 Call me fussy, but I have always expected leaders to provide leadership……while we’ve seen plenty of special interests in this election campaign, we haven’t seen much that captures what might be best for all of us…. Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear Civil Liabilty Bill intended to safeguard foreign nuclear companies, not the people

‘Intent is to give immunity on a platter’, The Hindu , 25 Aug 2010, Nuclear scientist A. Gopalakrishnan, a strong critic of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, has alleged that the real intent of the measure, ‘diluted’ by the Union Cabinet, is to provide foreign supplies total immunity from any liability Continue reading

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Victorian govt aiming for Renewable Energy inverstment

Government is committed to making Victoria an attractive location for renewable investment

Brumby to streamline planning for renewable energy projects – Government News By Rob O’Brien, 25 Aug 2010, Planning processes for renewable energy projects will be streamlined with Victorian councils receiving support to administer wind farm permits, the State Government has announced. Continue reading

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Australian Greens will push for a Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff

The petition is still active and can be viewed at

Greens Senate Victory And Australia’s Solar Power Revolution : Renewable Energy News, 25 Aug 2010, While Australia starts the working week still not knowing who will take the reins of the country, the Greens having won the balance of power in the Senate is very good news for renewable energy….. Continue reading

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Economic case for a carbon price in Australia

Time for Australia to Go Green Green News and Ecological Awareness , 25 Aug 2010, Australia’s Climate Institute estimated that an absence of a carbon price will cost both the country’s economy and consumers an additional 2 billion dollars by 2020. “It would be better in the long run if we had a carbon price,” said Mr. Warren of the Clean Energy Council. “It’s the economic tool of choice, because it’s seen as being the most efficient and most effective.”Furthermore, he also said, “Once introduced, it creates a core signal to business to change their investment patterns. Without it we are in a second-best market. We encourage a more cooperative approach to a AU carbon scheme as quickly as possible.” However, the bipartite agreement which helped pass the laws on renewable energy does not include the issue on carbon….. Time for Australia to Go Green Green News and Ecological Awareness | Green News and Ecological Awareness

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Australia’s ABC tries hard to get the news out, including nuclear

I just want to dissociate myself and this website from the criticism of the ABC in the otherwise most worthy item below. Far from being “spineless and irresponsible” , Australia’s ABC is most often the only news media that covers controversial issues, especially in the uranium and nuclear area.

The ABC is obligated to cover news and opinion fully, including the conservative and right-wing views. It does this, yet still gets flak for its supposed “left-wing bias”. Yet research studies in recent times have shown that this bias does not exist.

By the ABC’s coverage of for example, pro-nuclear, pro-uranium views, it is enabled to also cover the anti-nuclear ones – and with credibility. Christina Macpherson, 25 Aug 2010

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Murdochracy and Lobbyocracy Australia

Major Elephant In The Room Issues Ignored In Australian Elections, By Dr Gideon Polya, 24 August, 2010
An extraordinary feature of the election campaign in Murdochcracy and Lobbyocracy Australia was the virtual absence of any discussion about the most serious issues facing Australia .

The major reasons for reasons for this are (a) Murdoch News Empire ownership of about 70% of city daily newspapers; (b) a spineless and irresponsible Australian Broadcasting Corporation (the ABC, Australia’s equivalent of the UK BBC) which adopts a “balanced “ position between extreme right wing Labor and extreme right wing Liberal-National Party Coalition; and (c) Mainstream media and bipartisan, Lib-Lab refusal to properly discuss these key Elephant in the Room issues…… major matters that were effectively not part of the national discussion in the Australian federal elections because of the ignorance and dishonesty of the Australian Mainstream media and right wing politicians. Major Elephant In The Room Issues Ignored In Australian Elections

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Germaine Greer’s withering gaze on Australia (and uranium mining)

Australian election: Soap opera politics of Oz, Australia’s most outspoken expat Germaine Greer casts her withering gaze on soap opera politics Down Under By Germaine Greer, Telegraph UK, 24 Aug 2010 “………….Australia will still be a global polluter, exporting coal as fast as anyone can be got to buy it, vying with Canada to dig up the most uranium, failing to make even a minimal effort to control the largest per capita energy consumption in the world. Gillard may yet get to keep her executive jet, but the power-brokers will never let her pursue any policy that would cost votes.

Australia’s future looks grim enough with Gillard but with Abbott it would look terrifying.

Australian election: Soap opera politics of Oz – Telegraph

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