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Prominent South Australian Liberals oppose uranium mining in Arkaroola

Several prominent Liberals strongly oppose mining in the Arkaroola area, including Senator Nick Minchin, former environment spokesperson Michelle Lensink and shadow treasurer Ian Evans.

Libs deadlocked on Arkaroola, The Independent Weekly, HENDRIK GOUT, 04 Sep 2010 The Liberal Party is has been unable to decide whether to support mining in the Arkaroola Wilderness. Continue reading

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Australia should follow the successes in Europe with a carbon tax

It is to be hoped the discussion will soon turn from the rather nebulous concept of a carbon price to actual mechanisms – and for that the most appropriate tool is a carbon tax.

No need to be afraid of a tax on carbon, Sydney Morning Herald, Fiona Armstrong, September 4, 2010 – The most significant policy issue in the deal struck between the Australian Greens and the Australian Labor Party was that of climate policy. Continue reading

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Australians can cut power bills with solar hot water subsidies

hot water accounts for 25 per cent of energy consumption, so switching to renewable energy can cut power bills dramatically.

Half not aware of hot water subsidies * Paul Cleary * The Australian * September 03, 2010 1 FEWER than one in two Australians are aware of the government subsidies available to install energy-saving hot water products. Continue reading

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Australia can influence USA and China towards peaceful agreement

Australia can help by advocating that Washington and Beijing should start to negotiate such an agreement……. First, however, before we start trying to persuade others about the best future for Asia, we need to have our own debate about it here in Australia.

Our role in Asia’s superpower shuffle,  Hugh White , The Australian  September 04, 2010 As China rises, we may need to convince the US to relinquish primacy in Asia. Continue reading

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National rage against compulsory grab of Aboriginal land.

  • The decision, as predicted in The Australian last Thursday, sparked nationwide indignation, with critics accusing Premier Colin Barnett of taking Aborigines back to colonial days and “sticking a finger in their eye” to do the bidding of Woodside.
  • Woodside land move to be felt ‘around world’ | The Australian,Amanda O’Brien September 03, 2010

ABORIGINAL leaders and celebrity environmentalists have threatened to mobilise across Australia in a battle “as big as Noonkanbah”. Continue reading

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