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Opposition to WA govt’s compulsory grab of Aboriginal land

the government is trying to compulsorily acquire Aboriginal land. Traditional owners, some of who had previously been prepared to support the project, are now united in opposition. Many unions, including the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, are supporting them.

Stop the Kimberley land grab: renewables not gas, Green Left Weekly, November 21, 2010By Alex Bainbridge, Perth Woodside and the Western Australian government’s push to build a massive gas-processing plant at James Price Point will be a key battle in a broader campaign to protect the cultural and environmental heritage of the Kimberley region in WA. Continue reading

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WA govt’s grab of Aboriginal land is condemned

the words “always was, always will be Aboriginal land” have the rider with Australian governments, “until some rich, greedy corporation wants it”.

Forum condemns Kimberley acquisition, Green Left Weekly, October 31, 2010 By Barry Healy, Perth  Corporations trying to construct a gas processing hub at James Price Point “might have a bit of difficulty getting their power plant built” if Premier Colin Barnett completes compulsorily acquiring the Aboriginal land, Continue reading

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South Korea – Australia gas-uranium package deal?

South Korea has suggested a possible package deal to build nuclear-power plants in global markets using the country’s advanced technology and Australia’s uranium, the ministry said.

Korean Firms to Raise Australian LNG Spending, OCTOBER 24, 2010. By KYONG-AE CHOI, SEOUL—South Korea and Australia have agreed to allow South Korean companies to increase their investments in liquefied natural gas development projects in the resource-rich country Continue reading

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Western Australian govt’s Aboriginal land grab opposed by Greens

Greens slam compulsory WA land grab, Sydney Morning Herald, October 14, 2010 AAP Australian Greens leader Bob Brown has slammed West Australian Premier Colin Barnett’s decision to compulsorily acquire land in the Kimberley for a gas hub
Senator Brown on Wednesday toured James Price Point, the site chosen for the $30 billion Woodside Petroleum-led project, 60km north of Broome.

The Greens leader told a public meeting that night in Broome he would work hard to put the issue on the national agenda……Greens slam compulsory WA land grab

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Australia’s future prosperity depends on action on climate change

It is also important that climate change action is understood as an opportunity for structural economic reform and for building long-term economic prosperity….Early action delivers first-mover advantage and reduces the risk of economic exclusion in carbon-intensive industries when the transition to a lower carbon economy eventually takes place…..

Dear PM: risks are worth it in reform | The Australian, 18 Sept 10, David Hetherington “………..Although survival will be a preoccupation, the Gillard government cannot ignore the long-term policy challenges facing the country…. Continue reading

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Mexico stalling on nuclear power, as gas is cheaper

Mexico Delays Decision on New Nuclear Plants as Gas Price Falls,  By Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Sept. 14 (Bloomberg) — Mexico, one of three Latin American nations that use nuclear power, is delaying by as much as two years a decision on building nuclear plants as lower natural-gas prices reduce the attraction of the alternative energy source…

…A final decision on whether to build new nuclear plants and the quantity will be based on cost-effective “technical” factors, including the outlook for gas prices, Kessel said……In the U.S., lower gas prices, combined with less demand for electricity because of the weak economy, has slowed investments in renewable-energy projects and may prevent expansion of nuclear energy, NextEra Energy Inc. Chief Executive Officer Lewis Hay said in a June 23 interview.

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Western Australian Aboriginals to Canberra to stop compulsory acquistion of their land

compulsory acquisition ……, is about taking away Aboriginal people’s Native Title rights and interest in a piece of land for the purpose of a big mining company making loads, lots and lots of money.

Indigenous leaders take land grab complaint to Canberra Radio Australia, September 14, 2010 The Kimberley Land Council has taken its campaign against the James Price liquified natural gas project in Western Australia to Canberra.

Two weeks ago the Western Australian government began a compulsory acquisition process for land in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the state. Continue reading

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Queensland’s economic development groups want ‘clean energy corridor’

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, one of the kingmaker Independents deciding who will form government, has put high on his priority list securing support for a ‘clean energy corridor’ of climate-friendly solar, wind and other zero-emission power plants between Townsville and Mount Isa.

North Queensland considers gas plants vs clean energy link for Mt Isa region * Kerrie Sinclair   The Courier-Mail  September 06, 2010 THE power play in Canberra may also determine the future of power generation in Queensland’s northwest. Continue reading

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National rage against compulsory grab of Aboriginal land.

  • The decision, as predicted in The Australian last Thursday, sparked nationwide indignation, with critics accusing Premier Colin Barnett of taking Aborigines back to colonial days and “sticking a finger in their eye” to do the bidding of Woodside.
  • Woodside land move to be felt ‘around world’ | The Australian,Amanda O’Brien September 03, 2010

ABORIGINAL leaders and celebrity environmentalists have threatened to mobilise across Australia in a battle “as big as Noonkanbah”. Continue reading

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Energy efficiency, gas and renewables, could replace coal power

The grimy valley struggles on, Reportage Enviro, 2 July 2010 Jenny Jägerhorn “………………….The brown-coal-fired generation plants in the valley account for 85 per cent of Victoria’s greenhouse contributions. Hazelwood power station produces up to 16 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, which is almost 15 percent of Victoria’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, and 3 percent of Australia’s total carbon emissions. Continue reading

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W.A. Premier threatens compulsory Aboriginal land acquisition – gas now, uranium later?

Gas hub land may be compulsorily acquired ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 15 June 2010, The Premier Colin Barnett has again foreshadowed compulsorily acquiring land north of Broome to build a Kimberley gas hub. Continue reading

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Natural gas can play a role in move to renewable energy

Diesendorf also supports “a limited role for gas, because renewable energy is not yet ready to take over all of gas’s roles”.

Replace Hazelwood with gas? Green Left Weekly, June 5, 2010 By Ben Courtice “.., Environment Victoria has taken up the campaign with enthusiasm. A report for EV by energy market analysts Green Energy Markets (GEM) has provided one plan for replacing Hazelwood. Launching the report, GEM director Ric Brazzale said: “By combining new renewable energy with efficient gas and energy efficiency measures we can cut Hazelwood’s annual emissions of 16.2 million tonnes to 1.8 million tonnes, which would reduce Victoria’s emissions by 12% annually, as well as freeing up 27 billion litres of water for other uses.” Continue reading

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Switch to renewables, says Australian Academy of Science

Green power feasible  Cheryl Jones  The Australian December 16, 2009 THE federal government has the opportunity to switch the nation’s power to renewable energy but favours attempts to make “dirty coal clean”, Continue reading

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Natural gas – the key step towards truly clean energy

Natural gas plays key role in renewable energy future: APIA

The Australian Pipeliner October 26, 2009

There is an increasing awareness that natural gas will play a key role in Australia’s transition to renewable energy sources Continue reading

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Gas beats nuclear, and it’s a good transition to renewables


I realise that I am out of step with many environmentalists, but I am a fan of gas as an energy source. We cannot just shut down all our big fossil fuel industries. Nuclear power just adds damage and danger, along with its greenhouse gases. Continue reading

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