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Carbon price essential for Australia, say 19 Energy Retailors

19 Australian Energy Retailers Back A Carbon Price : Renewable Energy News, 6 Sept 10, The Clean Energy Council has released an open letter signed by nineteen of Australia’s major energy retailers – the letter also reminds us these companies are major employers and supporters of renewable energy projects in regional Australia – which says that a carbon price is essential to meeting our emissions reduction target of 5 per cent below 2000 levels by 2020……
“We welcome and congratulate the role the independents are taking in ensuring climate change policy remains on the radar of the major political parties,” Mr Warren said. “Renewable energy is also great for rural and regional Australia – it will create growth, greater economic diversity and help drought-proof farms and regions.”

The open letter can be viewed here (PDF)

19 Australian Energy Retailers Back A Carbon Price : Renewable Energy News

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The $billions cost of cleaning up after the uranium industry

Regulators are examining hydrology, seismology, demographic impacts and effects on flora and fauna, as well as demanding complete plans for how ….. the site would be reclaimed.

Toxic legacy of uranium haunts proposed Colorado mill – The Denver Post, Nancy Lofholm, 5 Sept 10, GRAND JUNCTION — “………..More than a billion dollars has been spent cleaning up radioactive tailings piles and lessening toxic leaks into rivers and aquifers at nine defunct mills in Colorado. Nearly 20 million tons of radioactive tailings sit in disposal sites where they must be monitored in perpetuity. Hundreds of acres of unusable water fill contaminated aquifers. Continue reading

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Queensland’s economic development groups want ‘clean energy corridor’

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, one of the kingmaker Independents deciding who will form government, has put high on his priority list securing support for a ‘clean energy corridor’ of climate-friendly solar, wind and other zero-emission power plants between Townsville and Mount Isa.

North Queensland considers gas plants vs clean energy link for Mt Isa region * Kerrie Sinclair   The Courier-Mail  September 06, 2010 THE power play in Canberra may also determine the future of power generation in Queensland’s northwest. Continue reading

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Australian capital going to overseas low carbon industries

great a risk of capital leakage – money moving offshore for low-carbon exposure, the money that will go to china, Europe or south America where governments are setting policies in place…....Not that it got a heck of a lot of media traction. That was afforded only to miners warning of the perils of a mining tax,

Australia’s capital leak, Business Spectator, Giles Parkinson, 6 Sep 2010, Climate Spectator As various industry groups marshal their forces to try and add momentum to the push for a carbon price, institutional investors are also mobilising to ensure that their members are not excluded from the opportunities of a low-carbon economy. Continue reading

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Secret research into dead nuclear test veterans

The UK Government is battling a High Court compensation bid by 1,000 veterans and widows for health problems.

The Ministry of Defense  insists almost none was exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and the high rates of cancer, death and birth defects are a coincidence.

Nuke test veterans health files to be probed after they die,, By Susie Boniface 5/09/2010 Scientists keep tabs in secret A nuclear test veteran has discovered the Government has ordered secret research into his health – after he dies. Continue reading

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