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Carbon price, and rural renewable energy now likely in Australia

The process agreed between the Greens and Labor, the Climate Change Committee, will likely provide the pathway forward…rural communities in Australia will see greater development in renewable energy and clean energy infrastructure

Election briefing – climate wrap. Lexology,  Norton Rose Elisa de Wit and Dominic Adams, AustraliaSeptember 9 2010 The outcome of the election means that Australia may again move towards putting a price on carbon….. Continue reading

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Australian Greens should avoid Peter Garrett’s fate

the experience of Peter Garrett shows that the Greens should be wary ……If a Greens MP or senator were to accept a ministerial position related to the environment or climate change, they would inevitably be forced to compromise….For the sake of the party’s future success, the Greens should decline an environment ministry in the Gillard government.

Peter Garrett: a cautionary tale for the Greens, By Sara Phillips, ABC Environment | 10 Sep 2010 “………speculation that one of the Greens may be given an environment-related ministry in a show of rainbow-coalition unity – much in the way that the Tasmanian Greens have assumed cabinet positions in that state’s minority government. Continue reading

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250 towns want Quebec to follow Ontario in refusing nuclear power

Ontario is backing off nuclear power generation of the Canadian-developed CANDU variety, Duguay said, adding that Quebec has a golden opportunity to follow that example……..

No to nuclear power, towns say, By Jan Ravensbergen, Montreal Gazette, September 10, 2010, MONTREAL – More than 250 Quebec municipalities and regional municipal governments have banded together to demand the province shut the door once and for all on nuclear energy Continue reading

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Cameco, BHP, Toro, planning uranium transport through Kalgoorlie and South Australia

Cameco may join with BHP Billiton and others…From there, the product may be sent by train to a port in South Australia,

Cameco May Work With BHP, Toro for Uranium Transport Hub in West Australia,  Bloomberg, By James Paton – Sep 10, 2010 Cameco Corp. said it seeks to cooperate with companies including BHP Billiton Ltd. and Toro Energy Ltd. on transporting uranium oxide, potentially through a hub near Kalgoorlie in Western Australia…… Continue reading

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Growing opposition in Germany to Merkel’s nuclear power deals

65 percent of respondents agree with the charge leveled by many in the German opposition that Merkel’s center-right coalition mainly took account of nuclear plant operators’ interests in drawing up its energy concept.

Poll: Germans oppose nuclear power extension – BusinessWeek, 10 sept 10, A majority of Germans oppose government plans to put off a shutdown of the country’s nuclear power plants by an average 12 years, according to a poll released Friday. Continue reading

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BHP, Rio Tinto, Paladin want uranium sales to Russia, and no mining tax

The Australian Uranium Association says one of the first tests of Labor’s continuing support for the industry will be whether it goes ahead with uranium sales to Russia,…..also sought reassurances from the new Gillard government that her proposed 30 percent tax on iron ore and coal mines will not be extended to the uranium industry.

Australia uranium industry concerned over new govt  Sep 9, 2010  SYDNEY, Sept 9 (Reuters) by Mark Bendeich Continue reading

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New energy generation since 2000 – renewables 17%, nuclear 2%

Carbon dioxide-free energy sources have made up less than one fifth of the new generation. Of that, 17 per cent has been renewable energy – largely solar, wind and hydroelectricity…..Nuclear power, the largest source of installed low-carbon energy, has declined markedly since the 1980s and made up just 2 per cent.

Limit on climate, and the catch, The Age, Adam Morton, September 10, 2010 “……..According to research published today in the journal Science, global warming can be limited to 1.3 degrees above pre-industrial levels by 2060 Continue reading

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U.S. Nuclear Agency’s grisly tests on monkeys

The experiments, conducted for the US Defense Nuclear Agency…….

Monkeys blown up in grisly tests, Northern Territory News, BEN LANGFORD, September 10th, 2010 INPEX is relying on experiments where monkeys, dogs, sheep and ducks were suspended in water and blown up by explosives to test the effects of marine blasting. Continue reading

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Nuclear socialism – a bad economic choice

Unlike computers, solar panels, wind turbines and most other high tech projects, nuclear power plants and projects don’t go down in price over time. Instead, the costs escalate

(USA) Time to End Nuclear Socialism, Says New Study, Greentech Media, 10 Sept 10, A nuclear plant will cost $7,000 to $10,000 per kilowatt, says Mark Cooper of the University of Vermont. That’s more than wind, solar, storage and other renewables—and the price tag will continue to climb. It shouldn’t be called the French Nuclear Miracle, says Mark Cooper. It’s more like a recurring nightmare. Continue reading

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29% voter swing to Greens in Northern Territory’s proposed nuke waste dump area

with many of the intervention’s most controversial elements still in place during Labor’s first term, some voters chose not to vote for either major party. Other issues, like the proposed Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump, seemed to have an effect.

In Tennant Creek, near where the facility would be built, Labor had a 24 per cent swing away from it in primary votes, while the Greens, who are opposed to the dump, achieved a swing of 29 per cent

The shifting tide of Territory politics, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Katrina Bolton –   Sep 9, 2010 Continue reading

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Russia’s nuclear secrecy as it pushes for nuclear sales

From uranium to nuclear fuel to reactor design, building and operation, Russia wants a big slice of the nuclear ‘renaissance ’. Talk of nuclear accidents at reactors with incompetent management and under-trained staff doesn’t look good to potential investors.

What happened at Russia’s Kursk nuclear power plant? | Greenpeace International, by jmckeati – September 9, 2010 , “…..On July 22, it appears that one of the reactors at the plant may have come close a Chernobyl-style disaster……..official details from the authorities are few and sketchy. The story that is slowly leaking out however, via Bellona, is one of a highly dangerous mix of incompetence, arrogance, cover-up and propaganda. Continue reading

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