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Australian Greens support Aboriginal fight against Muckaty nuclear waste dump

He read a letter from traditional owners to Parliament – “We are the Aboriginal people who own the land and the dreamings you are talking about, we are asking that you reject this bill and scrap Muckaty as a site for the waste dump.”

Greens urge rethink of nuclear dump site – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Megan Lewis  Sep 29, 2010 The Greens have urged the Federal Government to scrap plans to build a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory…… Continue reading

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AREVA’s nuclear spin masks true purpose for nuclear industry

But the reality behind this romantic green image of a nuclear panacea to future energy needs is something altogether different….the obsessional ad campaign run by the French Areva state-backed nuclear monopoly, under the banner of “semi-private” as portrayed in the business press….Everyone is boogying to DJ Friendly Atom in these richly detailed TV and print media offerings…..the real business of the atom – nuclear weapons making and state security which, of course, was a State secret..

Funky Town Finance Meets The Nuclear Renaissance :: The Market Oracle  by Andrew McKillop (Project Director, GSO Consulting Associates Former chief policy analyst, Division A Policy, DG XVII Energy, European Commission )30 Sept 10, . Like a Marlene Dietrich show in a remake of 1945 Berlin, surrounded by Soviet troop hordes, the nuclear sales show has to go on. Continue reading

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Northern Territory govt opposes Paladin and Cameco’ s uranium mining plans

NT reversal cruels U-hopefuls’ plans, 29 Sep 2010Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson has withdrawn support for Cameco Corporation’s and Paladin Energy’s proposed uranium mine near Alice Springs. The announcement came just two years after Cameco and Paladin won developmentrights for the Angela Pamela project and two weeks before a local by-election in the seat of Alice Springs. NT reversal cruels U-hopefuls’ plans |

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Australian miner Paladin backing out of deal because of share price fall

Paladin pallid at prospect of insecurity in Niger, The Age, David Symons, September 30, 2010 “…..Take a step back, and it’s tempting to surmise that Paladin’s efforts to back away from the acquisition have nothing to do with the kidnappings in Arlit……For its part, the market is overly sceptical regarding NGM’s prospects. If it goes through, the Paladin offer works out at about 15¢ for each NGM share. But NGM shares closed yesterday at 9.2¢, down 39 per cent.

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Exposing the the LIES of the NUCLEAR LOBBY – October theme

An important nuclear lie is that we’ll need nuclear power to fuel electric cars, and that renewable energy can’t do it.

In fact, electric  car batteries can be charged in  a variety of ways.

Charging stations can get renewable power from the main grid, or directly from an array of solar panels above the charging station.

As costs come down, and batteries and car designs have improved, good serviceable cars, able to  go 100 Km without recharge, are coming at a reasonable price, particularly taking into account the long-term saving in fuel costs.

Today’s batteries last for decades, in fact, for the life of the car itself, thus eliminating the cost of replacing them.

Renewable energy is ideal for electric cars. Over 70% of car travel in Australia involves shorter trips around towns. The Renewable energy car can be ‘topped up’ overnight, in the garage. Its battery stores the renewable energy, for use in daytime – there’s no “baseload power problem” – ( the nuclear lobby would claim ‘baseload” as a problem for electric cars.)

Solutions for the transition period:

1. hybrid cars having both petrol and electric power

2. people can have solar-powered cars for normal town and city driving, with the second petrol-fuelled car for very long trips.

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Nuclear issue has galvanised support for Germany’s Green Party

The nuclear issue has galvanized support for the Green party, which has grown to be a major force in national politics.

Germany: Greens See Red Over Nuclear Power Extension, TIME, By Tristana Moore / Berlin , Sep. 29, 2010 Nuclear power harms Germany’ is the Greenpeace message projected on the cooling systems of the nuclear power plant in Grafenrheinfeld near Schweinfurt, southern Germany, Continue reading

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Large and small solar projects for Victoria, Australia

The government of Victoria has also declared a Solar Hubs Program to encourage community based solar power generations to produce 8.6 MW solar power by the year 2013.

Victorian Government to Invest $100 Million on Solar Projects, CleanTech, 29 Sept 10, The Victorian Government of Australia has kept aside $100 million to develop and construct a solar power producing facility in the North West part of the state. Continue reading

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Global nuclear industry takes Sovereign Debt to Global Debt

Financing the Nuclear Renaissance in 2010-2020 will almost surely shift to international and multilateral debt financing methods. The IMF will surely be there, and all creative methods will have a look-in to using nuclear power plants as the underlying security in a vast new upsurge in global debt trading.

Funky Town Finance Meets The Nuclear Renaissance :: The Market Oracle : by Andrew McKillop, 30 Sept 10, Project Director, GSO Consulting Associates Former chief policy analyst, Division A Policy, DG XVII Energy, European Commission

Sovereign Debt to Global Debt The UN’s Nuclear Suppliers Group has an impressive 45-nation list of supposed nuclear equipment and service suppliers, but these include countries like Iceland, Malta, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania, everyone short of the Vatican. Continue reading

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