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Exposing the the LIES of the NUCLEAR LOBBY – October theme

An important nuclear lie is that we’ll need nuclear power to fuel electric cars, and that renewable energy can’t do it.

In fact, electric  car batteries can be charged in  a variety of ways.

Charging stations can get renewable power from the main grid, or directly from an array of solar panels above the charging station.

As costs come down, and batteries and car designs have improved, good serviceable cars, able to  go 100 Km without recharge, are coming at a reasonable price, particularly taking into account the long-term saving in fuel costs.

Today’s batteries last for decades, in fact, for the life of the car itself, thus eliminating the cost of replacing them.

Renewable energy is ideal for electric cars. Over 70% of car travel in Australia involves shorter trips around towns. The Renewable energy car can be ‘topped up’ overnight, in the garage. Its battery stores the renewable energy, for use in daytime – there’s no “baseload power problem” – ( the nuclear lobby would claim ‘baseload” as a problem for electric cars.)

Solutions for the transition period:

1. hybrid cars having both petrol and electric power

2. people can have solar-powered cars for normal town and city driving, with the second petrol-fuelled car for very long trips.

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