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Clean Energy Storage Law boosts renewable energy

California lawmakers have passed Energy Storage Bill California Enacts Energy Storage Bill | 1 Oct 10, The landmark legislation requires electric utilities to adopt energy storage technologies, making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the state’s electric grid. Integrating energy storage technology will allow California’s electric distribution system to meet and accommodate the daily fluctuations of energy demand. In addition, increasing energy storage capacity is expected to help promote intermittent energy sources like wind and solar power and contribute to an overall more reliable smart grid. California Enacts Energy Storage Bill |™ The Smart Meter News Portal

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Australian business can reduce costs through energy efficiencies, solar cooling

Such systems are relatively inexpensive (they don’t require large pieces of infrastructure), yet they can realise quite dramatic energy savings, whilst allowing business as usual….Solar cooling using heat from the sun as an energy source which can be used to generate cool air for use in buildings.

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESSES Business Review, 1 Oct 10, As well as renewable energy generation, businesses can make dramatic emissions and cost reductions through energy efficiency measures. Continue reading

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New strict laws to control in-situ uranium mining

Applicants for in-situ leach uranium mines have to show the technology they want to use has been used before without harming groundwater quality, and they can’t be in violation at another operation

(USA) New rules take effect for Colorado uranium mines | San Francisco Examiner, Associated Press0, 9/30/10 DENVER — New rules for uranium mining in Colorado are now in effect.State lawmakers passed three bills in 2008 that prompted the changes, and the new rules took effect Thursday. Continue reading

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Serious doubts on ANSTO and Silex Systems uranium enrichment technology

The technology in question was licensed from Silex Systems, an Australian company that’s been quietly conducting enrichment research at a small facility near Sydney for the last quarter century.But many experts are skeptical….a huge and extremely risky bet.”…..they also present a major headache for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and other nuclear watchdog groups attempting to spot clandestine enrichment plants,

Laser Uranium Enrichment Makes a Comeback The controversial technology poses proliferation risks, but nuclear firms press on, IEEE Spectrum: By Sandra Upson / October 2010 Continue reading

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Unsolved problem of disposing of dead nuclear reactors

The problem of disposing of this kind of reactors is ripe everywhere, not only in Russia….Meanwhile, this branch of the nuclear industry is least developed technically, technologically and marketingwise,…

Russia to retire uranium-graphite reactors  Voice of Russia, Oleg Nekhai Sep 30, 2010 Russian nuclear scientists intend to shut down uranium-graphite reactors on a mass scale……The problem of disposing of this kind of reactors is ripe everywhere, not only in Russia. Continue reading

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Developing Renewable Energy in Australia

CSIRO (Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) is developing the next generation of technologies that produce energy from renewables including solar, wind, ocean and geothermal resources

The Future of Renewable Technologies – Business News –   Dr Jim Smitham, 1 Oct 10, If Australia is to mitigate climate change, we will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity and transport fuels by finding ways to harness our clean, renewable resources like the sun and wind. Continue reading

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