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BHP Billiton and uranium mining – a bad investment

Across the globe from uranium mines to coal, nickel and copper BHP have a trail of bad human rights records, poor working conditions for workers, environmental damage and dodging responsibilities.

Tell BHP Billiton Uranium mining is bad investment!Uranium Free, Oct 10, In 2006 BHP Billiton bought up Western Mining Corporation and with it their uranium mine assets at Olympic Dam in South Australia and Yeelirrie in Western Australia. Since then people around Australia and internationally have been calling on BHP to back out of uranium, an expensive, toxic industry which produces radioactive waste and weapons usable material. Continue reading

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Low dose ionising radiation a cancer risk to children

children with acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL) had almost twice the chance of having been exposed to three or more X-rays compared with children who did not have leukemia.

X-rays linked to increased childhood leukemia risk, Berkeley, Eureka Alert,  Sarah Yang, 5 Oct 10, – Diagnostic X-rays may increase the risk of developing childhood leukemia, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Continue reading

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Uranium company ERA fined for radioactive pollution of workers

Twenty-eight workers had fallen ill with spontaneous vomiting, gastric upsets, headaches or skin rashes after drinking or showering in the water, which contained 400 times more uranium than recommended

When PR Goes Nuclear | Green Hybrid Cars , 29 Sept 10, Northern Territory based miner and producer of uranium oxide Energy Resources Of Australia Limited (ERA) were today fined $150,000 Continue reading

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UK Feed In Tariff delivering solar energy boost

“The scheme is delivering exactly what it was meant to do in terms of a rapid increase in the number of installations, creation of jobs and increase in the amount of renewable energy generated

UK Solar Power Feed In Tariffs Delivering : Renewable Energy News, 5 Oct 10, Rooftop solar energy systems are driving uptake of the UK government’s pilot solar feed-in tariff scheme, Continue reading

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ANZ, National, CBA, Westpac hypocrites with their huge investment in coal

the ANZ, National, Commonwealth and Westpac are investing billions of dollars into the coal industry while promoting an image of community responsibility and environmental sustainability…

Greenpeace Slams Australia’s Big 4 Banks’ Coal Power Investment,  Renewable Energy News, 4 Oct 10, A report prepared for Greenpeace Australia Pacific has found Australia’s big four banks are pouring huge amounts of money into the most polluting form of power generation: coal. Continue reading

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USA renewable energy gaining, while nuclear power stagnant

Renewable energy has proven itself to be a solid investment – growing rapidly and nipping at the heels of the stagnant nuclear power industry.”…..

(USA) Renewables Gaining Ground, Without Congress’ Help , E (By Brita Belli), 4 Oct 10Continue reading

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Solar electricity in direct competition with coal

“Germany is a world leader in solar power but it has half as much sun per square metre as Australia,” he adds. … solar power is in direct competition with coal- generated electricity.

Solar Energy Gets a Boost, But Offers Much More, By Stephen de Tarczynski MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct 4, 2010 (IPS) – Proponents of renewable energy say that a planned large-scale solar power plant in Australia’s northern Victoria state, which will produce enough output to provide electricity to 60,000 homes, is just a fraction of what could be achieved if federal and state governments were fully committed to harnessing solar energy. Continue reading

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Ontario closes coal plants with private investment in renewables

The Ontario Government says the province has attracted over CAD $1 billion in private sector investment through these three renewable energy projects, which will add almost 300 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity….. more than 80 per cent of power generation came from emissions-free sources. Ontario has already closed four coal-fired powered generation four years ahead of schedule.

Ontario’s Government Showcases Wind And Solar Power Projects : Renewable Energy News, 4 Oct 10,”……. in the province of Ontario, solid headway is being made in renewable energy,   Continue reading

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