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Lies about ethical investments, lies about Climate Change

Today’s news –  articles about “ethical investments”.  That turns out be an issue for “Secrets and Lies”.  Some companies are described as ethical because they claim not to invest in uranium.  But – read the fine print, where it sometimes goes on to say “where uranium is directly intended for nuclear weapons fuel”.  Now that’s a nice copout, isn’t it?

Another issue for “Secrets and Lies” – the enormously successful push by fossil fuel companies to set up the incorrect story that scientific opinion is “equally” divided on Global Warming and Climate Change.

One silly part of this is that climate scientists are accused of having a secret agenda to promote “socialism”.

Strange – because the nuclear and fossil fuel lobbies also want governments to cover the costs of nuclear power setup, security, and waste disposal – apparently nuclear socialism is OK!

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BHP Billiton- uranium and coal miner – not an ethical investment

the problems of decommissioning nuclear power plants and disposal of waste and proliferation, as well as BHP’s carbon footprint, – reasons for not holding the company.

Turbocharged: ethical investments beat the market, Sydney Morning Herald  John Collett, October 13, 2010 “…….Some of the largest that run ”socially responsible” funds have BHP Billiton among their biggest shareholdings. It means their investors have more money in BHP than any other company. Continue reading

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Fossil fuel lobby’s message – delay, do nothing about Climate Change

The professional skeptics tend to use inconsistent arguments. Sometimes they say that there is no global warming. At other times, they point out that while global warming does exist, it is not the result of human activity. Some climate change deniers even concede that man could do something about the problem, but that it isn’t really much of a problem. There is only one common theme to all of their prognoses: Do nothing. Wait. We need more research.

The Usual Suspects  SPIEGEL ONLINE -13 Oct 10, By Cordula Meyer Multinational oil companies also soon adopted the tried-and-true strategies of disinformation. Once again, lobbying groups were formed that were designed to look as scientific as possible. Continue reading

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Australia’s Climate Minister trying to weaken action on Climate Change

The Greens will have the critical say in passing a legislated carbon price when they pick up the balance of power in the Senate after June 30 next year

Greens must compromise on global warming, minister warns Patricia Karvelas and Joe Kelly   The Australian * October 13, 2010 CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet has warned the Greens they need to compromise on climate change if they want action…… Continue reading

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Climate sceptics portray science as the enemy

As scientists uncovered more and more environmental problems, the skeptics “began to see science as the enemy.”……..only a handful of scientists and lobbyists, and yet they have managed to convince many ordinary people — and even some US presidents — that science is deeply divided over the causes of climate change.

‘Science as the Enemy’ The Traveling Salesmen of Climate Skepticism,  SPIEGEL ONLINE -13 Oct 10, By Cordula Meyer A handful of US scientists have made names for themselves by casting doubt on global warming research. In the past, the same people have also downplayed the dangers of passive smoking, acid rain and the ozone hole. In all cases, the tactics are the same: Spread doubt and claim it’s too soon to take action. Continue reading

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Greenwashing in Australian banks and “ethical” funds

Many ethical funds will claim to be committed to socially responsible investment but how green are they?…Australian banks   investing in coal over renewable energy at a rate of seven to one. The banks invested $5.5 billion in the coal industry, as against $784 million in renewable energies.

Environmentally-friendly investments, How green are they really?, Sydney Morning Herald, Adam Courtenay, October 12, 2010 – The government may have rediscovered a political commitment to carbon containment but few investment houses have shown any signs of moving with the environmental zeitgeist. Green investing, in its purest environmental sense, remains anathema to financial advisers and mainstream fund managers, and investors with a deep green conscience are badly served by the sector.There are only a handful of truly green investment funds available in Australia and most struggle for subscriptions. Continue reading

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Poles unaware of secret uranium transport

Top secret uranium shipment passes through Poland, :: News from Poland, 12.10.2010 It has been reported that three shipping containers with thick metal flasks containing highly enriched uranium, or HEU, were loaded onto a specially converted Russian ship in the Baltic port of Gdansk on 26 September….
The Polish uranium shipment was big enough to construct eight nuclear bombs, writes “The Sunday Telegraph”, a British weekly whose reporters observed the shipment organised by American specialists…..

The shipment travelled across half of Poland in total secrecy.

Polish police and maritime border guards refused to confirm or comment on the secret shipment…. Top secret uranium shipment passes through Poland – :: News from Poland

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