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Australia’s nuclear power spinners – theme for November

It is well accepted, (even by Ziggy Switkowski in his 2006 report) that Australia does not need nuclear power. Yet, Ziggy and other old nuclear lobbyists are now urgently “spinning” , promoting nuclear energy for Australia. And new spinners are joining them

Apologies to Bob Hawke – I left that old attention-seeker off the picture!

One reason for this nuclear spinning is the fact that Australia will be expected to take back international wastes, as part of its uranium export industry. So, by getting Australia into the entire nuclear fuel cycle, this would make a smoother transition from “our” nuclear wastes, to “theirs” too.

The radioactive waste question is becoming critical in Australia – with the government’s attempt to impose a dump on Aboriginal land, and with Lucas Heights wastes soon. due to return from England.

Hillary Clinton and  Robert Gates visited Australia. Their mission?  –  to get Australia deeper into the US military machine, with Western Australia, like Pine Gap, part of the Space War project.

The USA’s urgent nuclear waste problem might have been  on the agenda in talks with Julia Gillard. We, the great unwashed, would not know. (but for USA to export its nuclear rubbish to Australia could be a bit more difficult now –  since the European Union declared that export of nuclear waste overseas is unsafe)

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