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Clinton and Gates to Australia for Space War project in W.A.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is poised to announce the base when he visits Australia next week with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,….The facility will play a major role in an emerging Cold War in space.

WA joins space race, The Age, October 30, 2010 Australia will become a key partner in the international battle for space supremacy, Continue reading

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US company finds its nuclear investment ‘worthless’

its investment in UniStar Nuclear Energy was worthless, given the deteriorating nuclear energy market……….

Constellation Energy swings to 3rd-qtr loss as nuclear investments’ value plunges,  Canadian Business Online, October 29, 2010,  BALTIMORE (AP) Continue reading

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South Australia’s Labor govt set to fail Aboriginal Maralinga victims’ quest for justice

Maralinga victims denied legal help, MELISSA MACK,

Oct 29, 2010, ABORIGINAL victims of nuclear testing in the 1950s are likely to be denied the chance  of claiming millions of dollars in compensation, with the state Government refusing to help fund the legal case. Continue reading

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USA elections: will this lead to Sarah Palin in charge of nuclear weapons?

It is almost beyond belief to imagine the fair finger of Sarah Palin accessing the nuclear button but as Commander in Chief, that would indeed be her position.

THE ELECTION, Huffington Post. Helen Caldicott, 28 Oct 10, This is seen by many as a highly contentious mid-term US election, and not just for the people of the United States. Continue reading

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Time for Australia to show clear support for Nuclear Weapons Convention

Greens spokesperson for nuclear issues, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said the Government should take the opportunity to make a clear statement of support for a nuclear weapons convention.

WA Senator urges Government to take stand against nuclear weapons in UN  tony serve blogs, 28 Oct 10, The Australian Greens today urged the Government to support a United Nations draft resolution calling for a ban on the production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons to be voted on tomorrow in New York. Continue reading

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Western Australia’s Greens will maintain anti-nuclear policy

The WA Greens say the party would be concerned if the Labor Party reneged on its long held opposition to uranium mining, when it reopens the debate at next year’s state conference.

Greens concern on Labor’s uranium stance – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 29 Oct 10, Greens MP Robin Chapple  is concerned WA could have two major parties with a pro-nuclear, pro-uranium stance. Continue reading

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Angela Merkel’s govt accused of policies shaped for nuclear industry

Greenpeace banner accused Merkel’s party of shaping “policies for the nuclear industry..

Anti-nuclear protests in Berlin, Bloomberg, 29 Oct 10, Continue reading

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Australia’s nuclear power spinners – theme for November

It is well accepted, (even by Ziggy Switkowski in his 2006 report) that Australia does not need nuclear power. Yet, Ziggy and other old nuclear lobbyists are now urgently “spinning” , promoting nuclear energy for Australia. And new spinners are joining them

Apologies to Bob Hawke – I left that old attention-seeker off the picture!

One reason for this nuclear spinning is the fact that Australia will be expected to take back international wastes, as part of its uranium export industry. So, by getting Australia into the entire nuclear fuel cycle, this would make a smoother transition from “our” nuclear wastes, to “theirs” too.

The radioactive waste question is becoming critical in Australia – with the government’s attempt to impose a dump on Aboriginal land, and with Lucas Heights wastes soon. due to return from England.

Hillary Clinton and  Robert Gates visited Australia. Their mission?  –  to get Australia deeper into the US military machine, with Western Australia, like Pine Gap, part of the Space War project.

The USA’s urgent nuclear waste problem might have been  on the agenda in talks with Julia Gillard. We, the great unwashed, would not know. (but for USA to export its nuclear rubbish to Australia could be a bit more difficult now –  since the European Union declared that export of nuclear waste overseas is unsafe)

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