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Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay endangered by American nuclear warships

“There are big risks in having nuclear power or nuclear armed warships in Port Phillip Bay.”

Bandt: We Don`t Want U.S. Ships, Mathaba, 10 Nov 10, Greens MP Adam Bandt has expressed concern at plans for more US naval visits to Australia saying the government must explain what it means for Melbourne. Continue reading

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No U.S. military bases on Australian soil!

Obama administration needs to carry bigger stick | The Australian, Marty Morrison, 10 Nov 10,”…….. AS the 19th-century British foreign secretary Lord Palmerston put it, there are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests. This quotation should make us question whether the US alliance is good for Australia.We have recently followed the US into two unresolved wars which really had nothing to do with us (and don’t forget Vietnam). How many more will we gladly participate in to please our masters? Australia’s “permanent interests” are vastly different from those of the US. Let’s regain our independence, like New Zealand has. Economic cooperation, yes. Military interventions, no. And definitely no US bases on Australian soil., Palm Beach, NSW…..

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Closure of Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor may signal end of nuclear industry

With the Green Mountain State’s newly elected pro-green governor and legislature, Yankee may be the first domino to fall in a chain of leaky, rickety, increasingly dangerous elder nukes. With them would go a serious premise of a nuclear future.

Vermont Votes No Nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Harvey Wasserman: , 10 Nov 10, Vermont has elected a governor pledged to make the state truly green by shutting its decrepit, leaking nuclear plant. And the town closest to that reactor has voted to take it by eminent domain if necessary, a step unprecedented in world history. Continue reading

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Solar energy in Australia great potential, poor political support

Australia’s annual solar irradiation stands at approximately 58 million petajoules, enough to provide 10,000 times its entire annual electricity consumption. In order to fully benefit from this resource, however, it needs to do much more than relying on a patchwork of schemes……a national feed-in tariff may be desirable from manufacturers’ perspective, it is currently not a political priority,…..

Australia: enthusiastic uptake of solar power leads to cuts in state feed-in tariffs iStockAnalysts,  November 10, 2010 Residential solar power installations in New South Wales reached 52MW by mid-2010, prompting the state government to reduce its generous feed-in tariff. Continue reading

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