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Nuclear Winter Webinar 7 April The Samuel Lawrence Foundation is hosting its “First Friday” Zoom Event at 11:30 AM PST (2:30 PM EST), featuring Brian Toon, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder on:

 “Nuclear Winter: The Environmental Consequences of a Nuclear Exchange.” The event is moderated by Professor Paul Dorfman, Chair of Nuclear Consulting Group, University of Sussex, UK. Professor Toon is a world renowned researcher on the environmental and climate consequences of nuclear war. Even a limited conflict between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, an exchange of 100 nuclear weapons, would have global climate changing consequences. Click here to register for the April 7th webinar.

Christina notes. “Clean” “Renewable” nuclear power – the PERSISTENT LIES.    Corruption in the nuclear industry.

Once again –   this is miles too long. And also – sorry – too much about Australia.   But, it’s a pivotal time – this AUKUS-nuclear submarine thing.  And not just for Australia – as 3 anglophone nations team up in spreading nuclear weapons-grade technology for the first time – to a non-nuclear nation.  All done – not with the consent of parliaments and people – just done with a stroke by the big boys. And all setting up for the next proxy war, Australia in the lead role?  – against China.

AUSTRALIA.  Australia Isn’t A Nation, It’s A US Military Base With Kangaroos, and happy to have Julian Assange imprisoned. Julian Assange – when “quiet diplomacy” means diddly squat. Inglorious inertia: The Albanese Government and Julian Assange.

The Road to War: latest film by David Bradbury. Fight For Country – the story of the Jabiluka Blockade (Pip Starr) – anniversary 1 April 23

AUKUS – nuclear submarinesOmigawd! Nuclear zealot Jonathon Mead is to get his own little government department nuclear supergroup.    AUKUS: Mirage or reality? AUKUS Exists To Manage The Risks Created By Its Existence.  China’s new warning to Australia over nuclear submarine deal.     Unions question Labor over AUKUS nuclear submarines. Trade Unions ACTU digs in on nuclear-free policy in headache for Labor over Aukus subs.         East coast nuclear submarine base decision likely to be made after next federal election. The three big questions Australia’s leaders must answer about the Aukus deal.        Australian government always knew that Australia would end up with AUKUS nuclear wastes – they just didn’t let on to the public. AUKUS Gets Awkward Down Under. 

Submissions to the Senate:

  • Jan Wu –  renewables are very suitable for Australia, not dirty nuclear power.
  • Alan Hewett – Nuclear power could only delay Australia’s transition to clean renewable energy. 
  • Michele Kwok – nuclear power is not clean -it’s polluting at every stage. 
  • Jean M Christie – nuclear power is expensive, polluting, and too slow to be of any use to Australians. 
  • Diana Rickard – Australia’s nuclear bans reflect public rejection of the nuclear industry, and support for clean renewables. 
  • Helen Bradbury –nuclear power not only useless against climate change, but also becomes a serious risk in extreme weather events. 
  • Name withheld – exposes the fake charity group behind the pro nuclear propaganda.
  • Timothy Clifford – Australia has the opportunity to become a clean energy superpower – nuclear is an unviable distraction.
  • Name withheld – a trenchant critique of Australia’s pro nuclear fringe.

CLIMATE. Climate change amplifies existing threats to national security.

CIVIL LIBERTIES. UN sounds alarm over Ukraine church crackdown.

EMPLOYMENT. Nuclear skills shortage in Britain .

ENERGY. Renewable generation surpassed coal and nuclear in the U.S. electric power sector in 2022,

ENVIRONMENT. EPA finds radioactive contamination in Missouri landfill Sizewell C permits approved despite concerns over potential mass fish deaths. Campaigners claim permit change at Hinkley Point would kill billions of fish. South Korea to keep Fukushima seafood ban despite thaw with Japan.

HEALTH. Exposure to ionizing radiation can increase risk of heart disease. Cancer as Weapon: Sowing Battlefields With Depleted Uranium.

INDIGENOUS ISSUESAn obnoxious clause in Canada’s draft Act for Implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

MEDIANuclear winter webinar – 7 April. Covering (Up) Antiwar Protest in US Media.

NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGYSmall Modular Nuclear Reactors may not be the holy grail for energy security, net zero. Small nuclear reactors – the global hype and hoax continues, especially in Europe.         North Korea May Be Close to Completing New Nuclear Reactor: 38 North.          No, Nuclear Energy Won’t Save Us.

OPPOSITION to NUCLEAROver 100 Canadian organisations oppose funding for small modular nuclear reactors in federal budget.    Time to revive Scotland’s campaign – Resist the Atomic Menace.       Opponents pack Pilgrim Nuclear meeting as potential discharge of radioactive water looms.




SECRETS and LIES. CIA’s surveillance methods on Assange revealed.

SPACE. EXPLORATION, WEAPONS. US-NATO proxy war in Ukraine utilises space technology.


WASTESMoltex vows to help Canada recycle its nuclear waste. Critics say the byproducts would be even worse. TEPCO visually confirms melted nuclear fuel at Fukushima plant. Decommissioning reactors: Germany will complete nuclear phase-out as planned but technology’s risks remain – env min. Divers enter Sellafield’s nuclear pool for first time in 65 years. Pilgrim Nuclear owner agrees to wastewater study, but says it won’t pay for it.




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