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The absolutely UNAFFORDABLE NUCLEAR industry – theme for June 2020

How many $trillions is the American government putting into the nuclear industry, especially nuclear weapons?  With the USA essentially bankrupt, and the pandemic ushering it into an even more dire financial state –  it’s a joke!   Or, it would be a joke, if not for the hardship, suffering, poverty, brought upon its people, by this foolish financial extravaganza on behalf of a corrupt, dangerous and useless industry.

Russia, China, UK France, and soon Middle Eastern nations mindlessly follow this suicidal nuclear path.

The banking industry and other financial institutions join in the frenzy to feed this rapacious evil of the nuclear industry.

Sadly so many jobs and community “benefits” are attached to it.  It is going to take an enormous effort of brains, integrity, some sacrifice – to unravel the nuclear financial mess,.

But the world had better start unravelling it.  Even without the worst outcome –  nuclear war, this foul nuclear industry is going to devastate the finances of nations. and prevent action  to stall global heating.

In this Covid-19 pandemic era, it is absolutely time to phase nuclear out, and help populations to transition to a cleaner world, where public money is spent on the things that people really need.

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The absurd cost of Australia going nuclear – theme for June 2020

The global nuclear industry is in deep shit.   It was so, before the pandemic. It’s in an even worse financial state now.

So, it’s not surprising that there’s a concerted campaign going on –  to foist off this dangerous, out-dated and super-expensive technology onto nations that are nuclear-free.  Australia is an enticing target customer. (Never mind that renewable energy technologies are ever cheaper, and Australia is blessed with a wealth of these)

That is why we now have Nuclear Inquiries going on in several States, and in the Federal government.   Their first target is to remove the anti-nuclear legislation that is now in place in most states, and federally.

There’s also the move to weaken the Environmental Protection  and Biodiversity Conservation Act  (EPBC).  They want to get rid of sections that protect against the special radioactive dangers of the uranium industry.

It’s not just the Yanks wanting to sell off their costly nuclear wares. There’s a determined little nuclear lobby here amongst Australians – military hawks, self-serving politicians, and ambitious and greedy people who want the fame and the money, which will come to a few, if they can get the Australian tax-payers to buy that atomic dream.

That dream – which will be  a nightmare –  involves the entire toxic nuclear chain, from uranium mining through to  geewhiz untested new nuclear technology, nuclear reprocessing, and the importing of the world’s radioactive trash.

The very first step in this nightmare could well be the ill-conceived and rushed move to set up a stranded nuclear waste centre in Kimba, south Australia.   That little enterprise has already cost the tax-payer plenty –   in the attempt to brainwash farming communities that nuclear waste is fine to have near your farm.

If there’s one silver lining that might come out of Australia’s current economic gloom in this pandemic ?recovery period, – it could be the public realisation that Australia does not need the huge costs and hazards of nuclear power, and nuclear weapons.

We have enough expense with that white elephant at Lucas Heights, the Opal nuclear reactor.  ANSTO has grand plans to expand that, when they should be looking to modern, non-nuclear , more practical, ways of producing mediacl radioisotopes.

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Nuclear issues and epidemiology – theme for May 2029

Epidemiology – a forgotten science?   But now, in the time of pandemic, it has come into its own.

The coronavirus illness is a global phenomenon. Global economies have ground to a halt. Epidemiologists, formerly just boring old farts, in a world that reveres high tech and space scientists, now are called upon for guidance .

Epidemiologists are not industry’s favourite people. Sir Richard Doll, in the 1950s, combined laboratory studies on mice with painstaking epidemiological research, proving that cigarette smoking causes cancer,  British Tobacco  did not like him.

The nuclear industry learned  – to downgrade epidemiological research, and prevent it wherever possible.  Subservient governments complied with the nuclear industry.

BUT – there has been epidemiological research applied to nuclear’s ionising radiation and its effect on health – just a few examples –  on nuclear workers’ health., on residents of Belarus and Ukraine, on the developing foetus,

Right now, the world sees value in identifying cases, clusters – where the invisible coronavirus exists, with its threat of immediate illness and death.

Equally dangerous  the cases and clusters of accumulating radioactive particles lead to the threat of later illness and death.

It is time that epidemiological research on ionising radiation was done, properly, thoroughly, like Richard Doll’s cigarette study. Time to no longer allow the nuclear industry to downplay and stifle such research, (and not to let them do their own biased studies)

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Nuclear industry in the time of pandemic – theme for April 2020

Nuclear power may soon be irrelevant to our energy needs. With the pandemic and social distancing, nuclear reactors are likely to be cutting back on output, or even going offline. And there are still the risks of extreme weather. Irrelevant, but still dangerous. Similarly, other nuclear facilities, like waste management, and nuclear weapons sites are also threatened. New nuclear development possibly stopped in its tracks, and certainly adding to its already astronomic costs.

The nuclear lobby, desperate to keep its industry alive, is claiming that “essential work” is the construction of the UK’s boondoggle  –Hinkley C project, and USA’s boondoggle Nuclear Plant Vogtle.

The “Small Nuclear Reactors” industry development  is looking sillier – carrying its huge financial risk, but no safety risk yet, seeing that it does not physically exist.

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Australia – lucky to be Nuclear- Free, in the time of Pandemic – theme for April 2020

Australia really is “The Lucky Country” when it comes to nuclear issues, in this pandemic situation. . We don’t have to worry about staffing and securing dangerous nuclear reactors, nuclear waste facilities, nuclear submarines, nuclear weapons.

We do have one unnecessary nuclear research reactor –   the industry’s “foot in the door”, and its high level wastes. The government may well be quietly proceeding with imposing a nuclear waste dump on Kimba, South Australia, – while everybody is distracted by the Covid19 .

The nuclear lobby is lobbying hard in the Australian Parliament and in the States, to overturn Australia’s very wise nuclear bans. This lobby is working for oversees supporters, “small nuclear power (SMRs)” companies like NuScam.  In the present time of pandemic, Australians, especially politicians, should think about this –  the exorbitant tax-payer cost of SMRs, along with the same dangers as in the large reactors. And with the advantages of renewable energy, especially home rooftop solar.


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Climate action Australia – (nuclear has no role) – theme for February 2020

Bushfires have shamed the Morrison government into pretending that they care about climate change.

The task of adapting to climate change, and mitigating its effects is huge

Weaselly  coal lackeys like Scott Morrison must be held to account.

And, importantly, Dr Adi Paterson, ANSTO, and the rest of the nuclear schemers must be exposed and resisted.The nuclear industry has no role to play in Australia’s climate action. It is nothing but a dangerous distraction, and would be a shameful waste of tax-payers’money.

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Ethics, Nuclear Power, and Global Heating – theme for December 2019

“Ethics” seems to be a dirty word in this strange era in which “Economics”, (i.e money) is apparently the only credible argument for taking any action.

Yet, now, under those truly awful shadows of a heating planet, and nuclear conflict, ethics might be our only sane guide.

What are ethics in relation to climate and nuclear issues?

Surely – ethical behaviour,  -behaving decently and honestly. In the face of these dire threats – this is the way to go.

Not that it’s easy. No-one wants to pay the price, – changed employment, lifestyle changes, increased taxes….

BUT – we have borrowed this world from our children, and great grandchildren.  We need to return it in good condition.

This means facing up to the reality of all the effects of climate change, the horrors of nuclear weapons, the environmental poison of ionising radiation.

And then – taking action on all levels, from the personal to global co-operation. A tall order?  It means plain, honest, speaking, just treatment of under-privileged groups and countries, taking investment out of dirty industries.

An impossible order? Perhaps, but it would be a shame not to try. Even in this period of ethically and often environmentally ignorant , narcissistic national leaders Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Scott Morrison …….still there are thousands of individuals and groups working for a clean and nuclear-free planet.

We don’t need to be taken in by the big words and twisted arguments of the fossil fuel and nuclear industries and their bought politicians and journalists. The facts on climate change are clear. The facts on nuclear dangers are clear.

Even the economic facts point us to climate action and to scrapping nuclear power and weapons. But surely, human beings can do better than that, and be guided by ethics.

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Ethics – Australia and the climate and nuclear threats

It would be funny, if it were not so serious. Australia, the continent already experiencing the effects of global heating, and with a government now contemplating starting the nuclear industry,  – seems to be sleeping on, in comfortable ignorance about what is happening.

We all know – it is dinned into us daily –  that it’s all about economics.( And sport).  All our actions are justifiable if they can be show to further economic growth.

Who dares mention ethics?

What if decisions and actions were determined by the principle of acting decently and truthfully?

Then politicians, academics, journalists and other opinion leaders would have to speak clearly in plain words, about bushfires, the Murray Darling rivers, floods, and pollution.  Then solutions would be chosen for environmental protection, and for the public good.  The public good would include our Pacific neighbours, and indeed, Australia’s role in the global community.

Of course, there would be costs –  changes in lifestyle, in employment, in our use of energy and other resources, in increased taxation. It would require fairness to disadvantaged groups, and to those most affected by extreme weather.

It’s about time that ETHICS came back into public thinking and action.

Australia is now led by a man who is ignorant of all but advertising and marketing slogans. Our politicians, obsessed with one aim, to keep their seats in Parliament, cannot be relied upon to understand the ethics of Australia’s situation – as the canary in the mine of climate and nuclear threats.

Still – there are thousands of Australians, especially indigenous Australians, and many groups like the Australian Conservation Foundation, and Friends of the Earth who do “get it”, and who lead the pressure on governments to really face up to these dangers.

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The Australian movement for a clean, non-nuclear world

Australia has a proud history of care for our environment. Aboriginals still lead the way in care for country – land, waterways, coasts, and plants and animals. Since European settlement there have always been naturalists and conservationists.   In the 20th Century environmental movements brought about national parks and political results – protection of species. the landcare movement, “Green Bans” and the world’s first Green Party –  United Tasmania Group.

Successful  movements included the protests against  the Franklin Dam project . The Wilderness SocietyAustralian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth– are leaders amongst the many environmental groups.  Thanks to the environmental movement, Australia has limited uranium mining, and avoided nuclear power. The Australian Greens continue the political fight.

But in the 21st Century , under Liberal Coalition governments, anti – environmentalism has prevailed in Australia. We now have a situation in which our precious major rivers are ailing, millions of fish dying, our forests being denuded, our native animals disappearing. Our current disgraceful government governs not for this country, but for corporate interests, especially the mining industry. Right now, it is being manipulated by the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies.

Still, people are not fooled. young people especially.  With the Extinction Rebellion movement, Australians join in the global campaign to save the climate, stop the nuclear industry, and turn around the corporate culture of destruction and pollution of the planet.

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Freedom of information and the nuclear industry – theme for October 19

The nuclear industry originated in lies, and in the barbaric culture of Nazism. Werner von Braun and at least 88 other Nazi scientists started working on inhuman weapons, including nuclear. Americans panicked and decided that a nuclear bomb was OK to develop.  With Japan about to surrender in 1945 Truman and the generals hastily tested the bomb out on Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, and the false story went out that this was necessary to end the war.

Faced with the horror of those two atrocities, the allies, including the Soviet Union, and the nuclear boffins, came up with the cover of “cheap” and “peaceful” nuclear energy, and the immoral and probably suicidal,  nuclear weapons race was on for all.[  for page]

Over the decades, despite government and industry cover-ups, the cruel truth about the health and environmental harm from the nuclear industry has at times been revealed in the Western mainstream media.

But now, freedom of information is threatened as never before. The Internet may have enabled alternative media, sites like this one, and social media, to get their message out.  But that is very much a mixed blessing. At the same time, investigative journalists of the mainstream media are losing their jobs. And – disappearing with them are the fact checking, and quality editing.

Worst of all, now, when investigative journalists speak out, they face oppression.  in Russia, China they  risk “disappearing” – with long-held cultures of suppression of free speech.

Now in Western countries they risk life imprisonment.  Julian Assange is threatened with this, and UK and Australia are complicit in USA’s heavy-handed determination to “make an example” of him.

What has this all to do with the nuclear industry?

The nuclear weapons industry, immoral and potentially globally murderous,  has become an insanely expensive burden on the public purse.

The nuclear power industry is out-dated, unaffordable, dangerous, and wedded to nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the media now regurgitates glowing handouts from the “new” and the old nuclear industry as “news”.  Journalists want to keep their jobs- it’s easier to tout rubbish  like “new nukes solve climate change”, than to offend government and powerful corporations by really seeking out and publishing the facts.   The governments’ persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsie Manning makes that subservient attitude the standard behaviour for journalists.

If we let America put away, disappear, and shut up Julian Assange  – well, who’s next?


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Australia: Freedom of Information and the Nuclear Industry- theme for October 19

Australia’s press freedom is under threat as never before.

It’s always been pretty bad, with Murdoch media controlling at least 70% of media outlets, and with Liberal governments trying to strangle the ABC,

But now –  it is at crisis point.  We have an Australian citizen, Julian Assange, held in solitary confinement in London, for the crime of skipping bail. UK and complicit Australia want to have him extradited to USA, to face life imprisonment for ‘treason”. What was his “treason”? Publishing the facts, revealed by Bradley Manning, on USA military atrocities. i.e. investigative journalism. (Manning also in prison)

We also have federal police raiding ABC offices and a journalist’s home. We have draconian security laws, and prosecutions of whistleblowers Richard Boyle, David McBride and Witness K.

Australia is fast developing a culture of press intimidation by government.

Has this anything to do with the nuclear industry?   Not obviously directly. Not yet.  But government and industry have always tried to see that the harms from uranium mining and nuclear bomb testing were covered up.  Few Australians would have heard of the long term push by some politicians and defence industry personnel, for nuclear weapons.

As  the global nuclear industry revs up its dishonest spin for “new nuclear”, and as climate change impacts this country, Australia is a sitting duck for the lie that “nuclear solves climate change”. And for the push for even more involvement in America’s nuclear weapons system. And for involvement in Trump’s Nuclear Weapons in Space programme.

We now have a government without any policy (unless you count “having a budget surplus” as a policy)   Scott Morrison can’t forever shout “How good is that?” about everything.  Journalists that criticise government actions are under scrutiny.  It doesn’t bode well for any public policy area. And that certainly includes matters nuclear.  more

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Remembering Hiroshima – the movement to end nuclear weapons – theme for August 19

The UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons has now been signed by 70 nations, and ratified by 25. With this Treaty, the world recognises that nuclear weapons now have the same status as chemical and biological weapons – an inhumane and immoral method of dealing with conflict.

The world’s macho men, the hawks of both genders, the sociopathic leaders in business and politics can scoff, but with this Treaty comes a rational movement essential for the survival of humanity.

The  immoral squandering of public funds on nuclear weapons continues apace. benefiting only a few greedy corporate big-wigs, and their government lackeys.  Nuclear weapons are useless – there are no winners in nuclear wars, the only result – the unimaginable horror and pain of the people.  Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed what this is like.

The folly of the nuclear arms race continues – in the tensions in India, Pakistan, the Middle East, and all now led by the leaders of the most powerful nations.  Led by an irresponsible and unhinged US President Donald Trump,  they are scrapping the agreements on nuclear weapons control,   and feeding the greed of the weapons makers..

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Never Again Nuclear War – Australia’s role – theme for August 2019

Australia has long been part of the USA’s nuclear war strategy.  Pine Gap, USA’s secret facility in Central Australia, has since 1966 been  a centre for espionage and for co-ordination of US air strikes. It has been part of America’s “Star Wars” plan to put missiles into space. American congressmen have made $millions from their investments in Defense Department contracts in Pine Gap, and can tour Pine Gap.  But Australian Members of Parliament are denied entry.

Being part of the American nuclear war machine makes a hypocrisy out of Australia’s supposed posture against nuclear weapons.

As an exporter of uranium, Australia plays a key part in nuclear weapons. There are no effective safeguards against uranium being used for weapons,  – no real barrier between the “peaceful atom” and the “military atom”

The plan to buy French submarines, that could later be converted to nuclear submarines has been linked with the 2016 failed plan for an international nuclear waste dump , as Dan Monceaux has detailed in his submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

Another big worry is the apparent inability of Australia’s politicians, especially the ruling Liberal Coalition, to understand the contradictory position that they put us in. Enthusiastic support of USA’s militarism towards China, is a dangerous attitude for Australia to take, and most unwise, with China being our top trading partner.

With the Trump administration in USA, there’s a real danger of an attack on Iran.  With the Morrison government in Australia, there’s a real danger of Australia mindlessly signing up to this.

Meanwhile there’s a strong and growing movement supporting the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty.  It was instigated in this country, and many are working towards Australia joining the 122 nations that have signed it.


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The nuclear toll on workers and communities – theme for June 19

McClatchy reports: 33,480 Americans dead after 70 years of atomic weaponry

“….. The number of deaths has never been disclosed by federal officials. It’s more than four times the number of American casualties in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it looms large as the nation prepares for its second nuclear age, with a $1 trillion plan to modernize its nuclear weapons over the next 30 years…..

A total of 107,394 workers have been diagnosed with cancers and other diseases after building the nation’s nuclear stockpile over the last seven decades. The project includes an interactive database that offers details on all 107,394 workers.

McClatchy’s yearlong investigation, set in 10 states, puts readers in the living rooms of sick workers in South Carolina, on a picket line in Texas and at a cemetery in Tennessee…..

— Federal officials greatly underestimated how sick the U.S. nuclear workforce would become. At first, the government predicted the compensation program would serve only 3,000 people at an annual cost of $120 million. Fourteen years later, taxpayers have spent sevenfold that estimate, $12 billion.

— Even though costs have ballooned, federal records show that fewer than half of those workers who sought help had their claims approved by the U.S. Department of Labor.

— Despite the cancers and other illnesses among nuclear works, the government now wants to save money by cutting current employees’ health plans, retirement benefits and sick leave….. … Ralph and Jodi Stanton)

Disastrous health effects of uranium mining, on the people of Jharkhand, India

the financial benefits are meaningless when weighed against what his group says is an alarming rise in stillbirths, birth defects, and adults and children diagnosed with cancer, kidney disease, and tuberculosis.

report showed a far greater incidence of congenital abnormality, sterility, and cancer among people living within 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) of the mines than those living 35 kilometres away. Mothers in villages close to the mine sites were also twice as likely to have a child with congenital deformities, …. us”…

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Nuclear health effects- Chernobyl’s toll on children – theme for June 19

Chernobyl’s toll of radiation induced deformities in children, August 28, 2015

Fukushima Not Even Close To Being Under Control, Oil Price, By ZeroHedge Sun, 28 June 2015 “……..As an example of how media fails to deal with disaster blowback, here are some Chernobyl facts that have not received enough widespread news coverage: Over one million (1,000,000) people have already died from Chernobyl’s fallout.

Additionally, the Rechitsa Orphanage in Belarus has been caring for a very large population of deathly sick and deformed children. Children are 10 to 20 times more sensitive to radiation than adults.

Zhuravichi Children’s Home is another institution, among many, for the Chernobyl-stricken: “The home is hidden deep in the countryside and, even today, the majority of people in Belarus are not aware of the existence of such institutions” (Source: Chernobyl Children’s Project-UK).

One million (1,000,000) is a lot of dead people. But, how many more will die? Approximately seven million (7,000,000) people in the Chernobyl vicinity were hit with one of the most potent exposures to radiation in the history of the Atomic Age.

The exclusion zone around Chernobyl is known as “Death Valley.” It has been increased from 30 to 70 square kilometres. No humans will ever be able to live in the zone again. It is a permanent “dead zone.”

Additionally, over 25,000 died and 70,000 disabled because of exposure to extremely dangerous levels of radiation in order to help contain Chernobyl. Twenty percent of those deaths were suicides, as the slow agonizing “death march of radiation exposure” was too much to endure……..

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