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Closure of Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor may signal end of nuclear industry

With the Green Mountain State’s newly elected pro-green governor and legislature, Yankee may be the first domino to fall in a chain of leaky, rickety, increasingly dangerous elder nukes. With them would go a serious premise of a nuclear future.

Vermont Votes No Nukes, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Harvey Wasserman: , 10 Nov 10, Vermont has elected a governor pledged to make the state truly green by shutting its decrepit, leaking nuclear plant. And the town closest to that reactor has voted to take it by eminent domain if necessary, a step unprecedented in world history. Continue reading

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Australians – all too NICE on matters nuclear and military

What a week of sycophantic subservience it has been!

USA’s Clinton and Robert Gates informed Australia of our increased role in America’s war strategy, with a new target for terrorism to be set up in W.A.   And, Australians fawned and applauded.

Global airline pilots worried about radiation security scanning at airports, and the biggest international pilot union is boycotting them.  But Australia’s airline pilots will apparently let the government assure them that somehow, OUR radiation scanners won’t pose the same cancer risk.

The media happily applauded the U.S. top level secret military mission, and Obama’s visit to India.  What didn’t rate a mention were the big and passionate anti-U.S. protests that greeted Obama in India, and of course, the mass anti-nuclear action in Germany.

But them I forgot – this is the Australian monopoly mass media –  and, Hillary and Julia had a lovely walk together.  And, Tiger Woods is in town, too. – Christina Macpherson

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German protestors from all walks of life inspire global anti-nuclear movement

The anti-CASTOR protestors have set an example for the whole world of the raw power of peaceful protest to challenge both government and the nuclear industry. Their historic resistance this weekend will no doubt continue to be an inspiration for all of us working towards a future where dangerous nuclear energy is a thing of the past.

Raw power of peaceful protest: 10,000 people take direct action against nuclear transport | Greenpeace International by Laura K. – November 8, 2010 From Australia to Canada, from India to the UK – the world is watching the ongoing protest of the CASTOR nuclear transport in Germany. Continue reading

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Australian airline pilots will trust the government on radiation scanner safety

Australia is planning to introduce the full-body scanners at its international airports early next year….Australian International Pilots Association (AIPA) has no plans to boycott, it will continue to work with the Government to address safety issues.

Australian Pilots Negotiating Full-Body Scan with Government | TopNews United States, by Jatinder Kumar , 11/09/2010 -The American Allied Pilots Association has announced a boycott on new airport security devices that capture images of passengers’ naked bodies. Continue reading

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Airport radiation scanners to be boycotted by world’s largest pilot union

In April, radiation experts from the University of California, San Francisco, warned President Obama’s science assistant that the machines pose potentially serious health risks……

World’s largest pilot union shuns full-body scanners  The Register Warning cites radiation risk, By Dan Goodin in San Francisco , 9th November 2010 The world’s largest independent airline pilot association is warning its members to avoid security screening by full-body scanners out of concern the machines emit dangerous levels of radiation. Continue reading

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Bad timing: Obama promotes nuclear power as its safety problems mount

The problems all occurred within days of President Obama’s post-election press conference in which he promoted restarting the U.S. nuclear power industry. His remarks came after heavy spending by the nuclear power industry during the recent election cycle.

As Obama pushes nuclear industry’s expansion, its safety troubles mount, FACING SOUTH, By Sue Sturgis on November 8, 2010, Continue reading

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Water use, radiation hazard, in Cameco’s planned Pilbara uranium mine

Cameco’s Kintyre Uranium Project report details risks to mine workers from radiation exposure, the potential for groundwater contamination and the spread of radioactive dust and its potential to endanger flora and fauna.

Radiation fear for Pilbara uraium mine workers * Narelle Towie,   The Sunday Times  November 08, 2010 A CANADIAN company plans to draw five million litres of water a day – two Olympic-sized pools – to operate a uranium mine on the edge of a Pilbara national park. Continue reading

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German anti-nuclear protest now a mainstream movement

“The main difference between the ’70s and ’80s, when this all started, is today it’s a mainstream issue at the centre of the society,” …… “It is not just the ecological fringe.”

Despite protests, nuclear waste arrives in northern Germany – Michael Slackman New York Times, 9 Nov 10, lBERLIN—After three days of protests and occasional violent clashes with the police, a train hauling 123 tonnes of nuclear waste arrived Monday in northern Germany. Continue reading

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Massive protest in Germany highlights anti-nuclear feeling

What has made this particular demonstration so explosive is the coincidence of this transport of nuclear waste with the government’s decision to overturn former legislation aimed at phasing out nuclear power by around 2020.

Mounting disappointments boost anti-nuclear protests   Deutsche Welle,   Ben Knight,   08.11.2010 “……..The ongoing civil disobedience campaign against a train delivery of nuclear waste to a storage facility in Gorleben is being reported as one of the biggest of its kind ever in Germany. Continue reading

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Cameco Paladin uranium companies having second thoughts on Alice Springs mine plan

Cameco Paladin says the Government’s decision to oppose any plans to mine the Angela Pamela site, despite granting the company an exploration licence, has created uncertainty for the project.

Mining company reconsiders scale of uranium project, – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), By Amy Marshall d Mon Nov 8, 2010 A mining company exploring for uranium at a site near Alice Springs says it will reconsider the scale of its project in light of opposition from the Northern Territory Government. Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson can over-ride Northern Territory Govt on Cameco uranium mine

The Mining Act (NT) requires the relevant Northern Territory Minister to exercise his or her powers in accordance with, and give effect to, the advice of the relevant Federal Minister in relation to uranium …… The Federal Minister’s position is not known.- [oh yeah!]

Nt government opposes uranium mine  Lexology Margaret Michaels   November 3 2010 The Northern Territory Government is opposed to a uranium mine at Angela Pamela, but the decision is up to the Federal Government. Continue reading

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Big risks in U.S. nuclear warships in Australian ports

Greens MP to quiz Gillard on naval visits | The Australian Lanai Vasek , November 09, 2010 GREENS MP Adam Bandt will request top-level talks with Julia Gillard to review plans for more US naval visits to Australia.The proposals were outlined at the annual Ausmin conference this week.Mr Bandt said it was time for Australia to show more independence from the US, and there were “big risks” in having nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed warships in Australian ports.”I will be raising my concerns directly with the Prime Minister and seeking answers to my questions about the impact and safety of increased ship visits to Melbourne,” Mr Bandt told The Australian.”We want a strong relationship with the US, but one based on our recognised independence.”I am concerned that we are making decisions like troop deployment not on the basis of our national interest but simply because another country wants us to.”…

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European Union bans export of nuclear wastes

to put a stop to the current practice where EU member states, which do not want to store spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste on their territory, can pay countries outside the bloc to do the job for them…….The facilities would have to deal with material that can stay radioactive for up to one million years.

EU: Nuclear waste cannot be outsourced,  New Europe, 7 November 2010 – The European Commission on 3 November unveiled new proposals, stating that EU governments will be banned from offloading their nuclear waste onto third countries. Continue reading

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Secret documents may prove guilt of British atomic test program

the papers could be the “smoking gun” that proves military chiefs knew they were sending servicemen to their deaths when they made them watch atomic blasts 50 years ago.

Release of secret documents that could bring justice to nuclear bomb veterans ordered   –, By Susie Boniface 7/11/2010 A judge has ordered the release of top secret documents that could bring justice to Britain’s nuclear bomb veterans. Continue reading

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Australian airline pilots might boycott radiation scanning

The [backscatter radiation scanning] devices are planned to be rolled out across Australia next year…The Australian and International Pilots Association says it is also considering the issue raised by the APA

Pilots boycott full-body scanners over health fears By Kate Schneider, , November 08, 2010 THE world’s largest pilot’s association has boycotted full-body scanners over health risks Continue reading

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