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Blacks and Whites gather together against Muckaty Nuclear Waste Dump Plan

Alyawarr, Anungu (APY lands) Warlpiri, Anmatjirra, Arrente, Warramungu, NSW Land Council people – we are now joining together to make a stand at Uluru and will be calling on our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal friends, unions and churches to stand with us.

Time to make a stand, Tennant & District Times 12 March 2010, – RICHARD DOWNS, SPOKESPERSON FOR THE ALYAWARR WALK-OFF CAMP. Last week Richard Downs, spokesperson for the Alyawarr Walk Off Camp, wrote to the Northern Land Council Chairman, Kim Hill, regarding the consultation process which eventuated in the nomination of Muckaty Station as the site for a nuclear dump. This is what he wrote: Continue reading

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Uranium prices too low to make production economical – AREVA

AREVA May Cut Uranium Production By Melissa Pistilli, Uranium Investing News, 15 March.2010, Depressing uranium prices have forced French uranium miner AREVA to plan a review of its projects, which may lead to a 20 per cent cut in its 2012 output target.

Last September, the company pegged its 2012 production number at 12,000 tonnes of U308, but now says uranium prices are too low to make production costs economical. Continue reading

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Gambling Central Australia’s future, with nuclear wastes

A major omission in Dr Switkowski’s comments concerns what effects over thousands of years that leaking and leeching radioactive waste might have upon Australia’s precious subterranean aquifers. For a nation as reliant as we are on underground water, that represents a massive gamble to say the very least.

NUCLEAR UNDER TONES?, Larry Buttrose,  15 March, 2010, “…Dr Switkowski continues: “Eventually spent fuel is transported to a national repository, a well-engineered deep hole in the ground, probably in central Australia.” Continue reading

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Pro-nuclear report ignores waste, safety issues

PricewaterhouseCoopers avoid the details on nuclear power,  Nuclear Reaction , 16 March 2010, PricewaterhouseCoopers have released a report, Resurgence of nuclear power, …It paints an extraordinarily glowing picture of the upcoming nuclear ‘renaissance’.It doesn’t mention nuclear waste once.

The safety concerns around nuclear power have been ‘refuted’. Oh, really? The global movement against nuclear power refutes that refutation. Continue reading

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ANSTO Partnering with French Nuclear Agency

Is it not odd that the nuclear powers that be, are going ahead with new nuclear reactor projects, that are not only untested, but, it is openly admitted, for which there is  no nuclear waste solution.!

Generation IV reactor systems are also being developed which will require new nuclear waste solutions.

Ansto bolsters research collaboration, World Nuclear News, 15 March 2010 .The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (Ansto) has widened its nuclear research cooperation with the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), as well as signing an agreement with an Australian university to conduct research into the storage of radioactive waste. Continue reading

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Biodiversity is for future ages. Uranium mining is short term

When a respected institution known for its measured and considered responses to issues of public importance, such as the Museum, asks the Government to pay attention, it would be foolish to do otherwise.

A time to err on side of conservation, The Advertiser Editorial, March 16, 2010 THERE are certain places in the state and the nation which should be off limits for mining. Continue reading

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South Australia’s museum rejects uranium mining in wilderness areas

The museum says the biodiversity evaluation in Seeking a Balance is “greatly flawed”.

South Australian mining plan would potentially kill off species Adelaide Now, Cameron England,

March 15, 2010 A STATE Government plan which would allow mining in sensitive parts of the Northern Flinders Ranges is “greatly flawed” and should be “rejected totally”, the SA Museum says. Continue reading

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World Virtual Forum on Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power

learn more, please visit the world forum on the future of nuclear weapons, launched by Webster University students.

Nuclear Nemesis, Civil Religion | By Rosan Yoshida,  Post-Dispatch 16 March 2010, The entire earth ecology faces imminent inferno. We may evaporate instantaneously, be burned skinless in the nuclear blast, or be irradiated incessantly, inside and out, succumbing to dust in a nuclear winter.We are at the critical point: either we abolish nukes or nukes abolish us. Continue reading

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