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Govt perks to uranium industry in “indigenous” budget

Indigenous- Petrol sniffing, child abuse targeted, ABC Rural News, 11/05/2010…………………Funding will continue for the rehabilitation of the former uranium mining site at Rum Jungle in the Northern Territory, and sorting out Indigenous land access issues.Half a million dollars will be spent on the Working in Partnership Program, to help mining companies work better with Indigenous communities and create more Indigenous mining jobs.

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Beware of Australian govts bearing small, hurried, gifts to Maralinga veterans

As Queen’s Counsel Cherie Blair leads the Australian atomic veterans into legal battle with the British government over compensation, the Australian government hurriedly decides to at last give some (pretty lousy) compensation to them

Could it be that there’s a little clause in there somewhere, about the veterans dropping their legal case in UK, if they want to get Australian govt recognition?

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Australia’s government provides hasty, stingy compensation to its nuclear veterans

Nuclear veterans short-changed in Budget: Xenophon ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 12 May, 2010, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says veterans of nuclear testing at Maralinga in outback South Australia have been short-changed in the federal Budget.There were atomic tests at Maralinga and Emu Plains about half a century ago.Senator Xenophon says test veterans will get improved benefits under veterans’ entitlements but no lump sum payments.”Russia, France, the US, even China have provided lump sum compensation for their nuclear test survivors but the Government has failed to do so,” he said.”I don’t think that’s good enough given these victims have waited something like half a century to try and get some justice in relation to what they’ve gone through.”Nuclear veterans short-changed in Budget: Xenophon – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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American Cancer Society misrepresented President’s Cancer Panel findings

why………did the ACS react so strongly and go on to misrepresent the findings of the Cancer Panel as if the NIH were an antagonist, rather than an ally?

the Chronicle of Philanthropy famously once blasted the ACS as being “more interested in accumulating wealth than in saving lives”

Every Cancer Counts, Carl Pope: Memo to the American Cancer Society, THE HUFFINGTON POST, May 11, 2010, “…..The ACS comment was widely and understandably reported as an attack on the scientific validity of the Cancer Panel’s findings. But in reality, the Cancer Panel never said that pollution is the major cause of cancer. Continue reading

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For solar technology, Australian govt backs nuclear company AREVA

short-listed for one of two projects to get substantial backing under the $1.5 billion solar flagships program….none of the big name US and Spanish proponents of the new generation solar tower technologies, such as BritghSource, e-Solar and Cobra, made the short-list.

The giant backing Australian solar,  Giles Parkinson |   Business Spectator, 12 May 2010, The French nuclear giant Areva might have made one of the deals of the year when it snapped up Ausra, the solar thermal energy company founded by Australian researcher David Mills. Continue reading

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AREVA’s grand nuclear empire plans coming unstuck?

it is president Nicolas Sarkozy’s dream to streamline the nuclear power sector, from design to operation, working as a team to win high profile contracts around the world.

French Nuclear Industry Faces Meltdown, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL,  By Geraldine Amiel May 11, 2010,A much-awaited report on France’s nuclear industry — due out later this week — is understood to offer ways for France’s diverse nuclear industry to work together to garner big contracts around the globe. Continue reading

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Super profit resources tax – a reasonable thing in super profit times

10 years ago $1 in every $3 of profit was returned to Australians from rental on a non-renewable resource. Today it is $1 in $7.Profit based taxation does work.

The extraordinary mining tax,, Jan McLucas , 12 May 2010,  “……”Royalty and excises are based on volume or value and they do not rise with profits. It is important to remember that in 2008-09 the resource sector generated close to $90 billion of superprofits. Continue reading

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BHP blaming govt for uncertain future of uranium mining

he told an uranium summit in Perth that the project was “under review”,

BHP says Western Australia uranium project ‘under review’ Mining Weekly  Esmarie Swanepoel 11th May 2010 Continue reading

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Paladin makes it clear that regulations are slacker for uranium mining in Africa

Take your pick and get out of Africa | Herald Sun, Olga Galacho , 6 May 2010, IF THE flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause an effect on the other side of the world, then it should follow that certain mining activities in Africa should shame some Australian investors. “………..Details of the 150 ASX-listed or soon to be floated companies with mostly uranium mining interests in Africa have been kindly supplied in the Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group’s submission.It is available here: Australian companies now represent the third-largest category of miners in Africa and many of them have been attracted to that continent because of the poor governance of some of its regimes………. Continue reading

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Revenue losses in Russian controlled Uranium One

Uranium One said two weeks ago that it had acquired a stake in uranium producer Paladin Energy

Uranium One posts loss on higher costs TORONTO, May 10 (Reuters) Reporting by , Euan Rocha; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn, Dave Zimmerman) – Uranium One reported a first-quarter net loss on Monday, citing falling revenues and higher operating expenses………. Revenue fell 17.4 percent to $35.5 million on lower sales volumes and a lower realized uranium price…….. Continue reading

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